‘You’re a bad mother.’

We’re quick to judge ourselves as mothers. But does a ‘bad mother’ actually exist anywhere, except in our minds?

And so I go on…

In December, I started taking anti-depressants again. Here’s why I’ll always support their use #thisisthefaceofantidepressants

Dear Solo Parent…

A letter of empathy, love and support from one solo parent to ALL others. You’re an amazing human being with so much strength.

Just me and the kids (our first holiday)

Next week, me and my three kids are off on our first holiday abroad, post separation. To Club Letoonia in Turkey. Just me. And them. (And a large bottle of gin, haha.)

One year on…

A year ago my husband and I separated. I want to share this for anyone going through a separation, wondering if they’ll ever feel ok again.