This is us. Me. Beaver (7), Godivy (5) and The Boy With No Name (2). After two girls, navigating the world of willies came as something of a surprise.

Two years ago I gave up work to focus on writing. Oh and my kids. Eek. I hope no one wants to eat. I once run a marathon just to see if I could. At mile 20 I decided that labour was less painful. Since giving birth again twice, I would like to retract that.

I write about life and motherhood. Things like why I don’t have a bathroom bin, and what every woman should know about motherhood before they join. And all the other bits I haven’t blocked out. I’ve been told I make other mums feel better. So if you ever feel a bit like me, you’re in good company here. I’ve just written The New Mum’s Notebook, a sanity saving journal for all new mums (no matter what round they’re on) to help them get through that tricky, uncertain (slightly insane) first year of motherhood.

If you enjoy what you read here, please pop over to FacebookTwitter or Instagram and say hi. Give a high five. Or drop me a line. And leave a fabulous recipe for chocolate brownies. Better still, make some and pop them in the post.

I love reading all your comments and hearing how you get through the day.

Gin in a can at 4.00 PM, you say… oh go on then.


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    9 thoughts on “Me

    1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

      Do you know what? I think its a great idea to link up your about me page – that way people can get to know you and your blog – so I think you should leave both links up! Welcome to PoCoLo. I hope we can get your blog some extra attention. I love your blog name – thats fab!! 🙂 xx

    2. Judith

      Brilliantly witty! I’m now going to scour your blog to find out why it is that you don’t have a bathroom bin. And do you have a sticky tape dispenser in your kitchen? According to my parents, that is the one essential that shows you have reached the pinnacle of adulthood.


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