The Time Capsule (and Zac Efron)

I had dinner with a friend last night. Over a very nice stir fry and glass of wine we were fantasising about being young again and what we’d do if we were. I’ve made that sound very philosophical.  It really wasn’t.  We were actually talking about Zac Efron in 17 Again but that’s another story…

Anyway, this morning, I came across a poem I wrote a very long time ago and it recalled our conversation.  I thought I’d share it.  It’s for all of us who have ever had our hearts broken…


When I am lonely, sad, wistful or have once more lost my way
I can always open the time capsule and travel back to days
With all the promise and freedom that being young brings
I feel it now as I did then, a warm current within a cool wind.

And what I remember most of all is how life was to be
My path laid out by heart not head, my unfaltering faith in me.
The future was no longer than a moment to be shared,
There was little time for anything, which failed to compare.

I never dreamed love would cruelly deal me a losing hand
The stakes were far too high to bear, not least to understand
Without you there, my only vision held no view at all
But I owed it to myself to try and overcome love’s fall.

Yet these feelings aren’t enough for me to turn around the ship
And carve out another course to try and make a different trip,
For in my heart I know that all I’ll ever strive to sail
Is a love that swims a hundred waves and withstands a thousand gales.

I might pretend that I would settle for something, which is less,
Yet when I do and I am asked I cannot help confess,
That what I seek and what I have are several worlds apart
It doesn’t matter what I say; I cannot fool my heart.

But hope remains and failing that I have my faith in fate
And a surround of love in many forms whilst I patiently await
For the lightening bolt to once more strike and light the sky above
And return to me what I am owed, my one all time great love.

Should the clouds and thunder come alone without that strike of light,
Then I will accept that fate has seen it fit to change my flight
And cherish instead my time capsule to travel back to days
Where you and I are side by side with nothing in our way.


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