GUEST BLOG: What turns men on…

RIGHT OF REPLY: I expected a few comments on my last post What turns women on…’ particularly from the opposite sex.  One, in particular, was keen to tell the man’s side of the story.  So here it is. And It’s not Daddy Pig, just in case you’re wondering… he’s still watching Top Gear.

Ok, we heard you.  You want us to listen.  That’s easy.

Did you want us to remember what you say too?  For how long?

Seriously, it’s only fair that you get a male view of this.  I’ll be perfectly frank with you – Top Gear is a hard offer to beat.  Even by a really good chandelier.  You may never understand that anymore than we understand your obsession with expensive handbags or Strictly Come Dancing.

But what we want might surprise you.  Put simply, we want you to be more selfish.   Now, before you run off to celebrate on a shopping spree with the family credit card, let me explain.

When we say selfish, we mean put yourself first.  Above work.   Above us.  But most important of all, above the kids.

Let’s all be totally honest about this.  At some point we procreated with you.  Why?  Because we found you attractive.  And you found us attractive.  Well, we’d like to see that person again. We KNOW you have new responsibilities now, but do they really have to completely overwhelm the funny, smart, interesting, sexy, drunk person that we ended up in the curry house with that fateful night X years ago (or wherever it was you trapped us)?

We’re assuming you miss those times too.  

But when you decide that staying up until three in the morning making birthday cakes for a child who will have forgotten about it by next Wednesday is more important than spending quality time with us, that taking a trip to Wales with the kids is more attractive than a night in a B&B in Hampshire while the kids are eating ice cream at their grandparents, or that buying another cute kid’s outfit will generate greater pleasure for you than that new set of underwear…

Well, we start to wonder.

After all, if you don’t find yourself interesting enough to put above everyone else, why should we?  Can you really blame us if we get our stimulation elsewhere?

Now, what’s on Dave tonight?

Footnote: What do you think?  Is he right?  Does this leave you wondering how you’re supposed to put yourself first with all that needs to be done?  Leave a comment below.  I’ll be sure to pass them on ;0)


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    One thought on “GUEST BLOG: What turns men on…

    1. Jennifer Beachey

      Oh Mr Guestblogger you have hit a nerve! Now it isn’t easy for me to say this, (almost as hard as saying no to that shopping spree on the family cc!) but you are RIGHT!
      About everything (except TopGear being interesting Jeremy is just annoying and would sooo be put on the naughty step).
      It is like once we’ve had kids we are given this galactic dose of Guilt. I rarely had it before and it was never that bad that it couldnt be dulled with a nice bottle of Sancerre ie feeling guilty for forgetting to send out that tender. Now, you get a daily dose for everything!! And you can’t drink that wine because wine = hangover and kids+hangover = hell on earth! It’s not the kids fault, or yours. We just can’t stop feeling this way because when we had our babies we were also given so much extra love that we thought our hearts would burst. It was immense! And I guess the guilt is a protection mode to protect that love. The love is for you too though, the partners we adore. We wouldn’t change those drunk nights in curry houses for anything! Thank you for reminding me, I’m off to book that weekend away! Xxx


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