Why my blog might be a boring grey running shoe

My blog has no USP.

I’ve known this for a while.  But now it’s really starting to bother me.  And it’s affecting my writing because I have no clear theme so I’m drifting from topic to topic.  If it’s irritating me, it must be annoying the hell out of you.  You want to know what you’re coming here to read.  At the moment it’s like a Lucky Dip.  Will you get a Sherbet Dib Dab or a slimy rubber snake?

Everything needs a USP to survive.  Especially when there are a lot of similar products out there.  You don’t go into a shop to buy a new pair of trainers and go for the boring grey ones with no branding, do you?  No, you go for the neon green ones that promise to enhance your performance and shave five minutes off your PB.  No, I don’t know where you get these.  I made them up, ok?

Well, at the moment my blog might be a boring grey running shoe.  And you deserve a refund.

Fortunately, my very talented stylist friend has an equally talented other half who is in the process of rebranding my blog for me.  But I’ve had to put off the meeting twice as I do not want to appear vague.  I want to be focused, inspired and visionary whilst sipping a latte.  I’m not hoping for an OBE or anything.  I just want to be able to tell him what my blog is about.

And there’s that vague feeling again.

I started the blog to support the release of my book, Up the Duff without a Paddle.  Because my very talented web developer told me to.  And sometimes, I do as I’m told.  Especially because he is quite frank with me.  And I’m not paying him.  Yet.  He says encouraging things like, ‘You don’t have time for dinner, you have a brand to build.’

With resolve like that, I should actually get him to help me parent Beaver.

I think the idea is that I blog, people like my writing style and might buy my book.  That’s my loose interpretation.  But, I feel like the blog needs some direction.  It isn’t even supposed to be called Up the Duff without a Paddle.  That’s just my temporary banner whilst I’m establishing what I’m doing.  For the next three hundred and forty years.  Yawn.

Other people’s blogs I’m enjoying have a clear angle.  There are blogs on motherhood, writing and social media to name a few.  They all have brilliant branding and catchy domain names.  And they all do what they promise.

I feel like if I had a catchy domain name, it would focus my writing.  Say I was genuinely called Up the Duff without a Paddle.  You’d come to me expecting tales of pregnancy.  And I could deliver, post after post.  Pardon the pun.

As it is, one day I’m writing about motherhood.  The next I’m writing about bathroom bins.  Does it matter?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

All I know right now is that I need a USP.  A hook.

Possibly one that I can hang myself on.

Footnote: as this blog literally goes to press I am amazed to find myself included in the Newbie Tuesday line up at Brit Mums (Britain’s biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influencers) where I am described as being ‘bloody brilliant.’   Wow.  Do I love that phrase?  Do I ever.  THANK YOU.  Perhaps I won’t need that hook after all…  


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    17 thoughts on “Why my blog might be a boring grey running shoe

    1. Bee

      Oooo just found you via newbie Tuesday and enjoyed this – yet another blog to follow! Looking forward to your USP – or maybe the randomness is your USP!! Bee x

    2. Gemma

      I haven’t been following your blog for long, but I love it! I also love your book , which I read cover to cover in 4 days, an achievement, I think, as I am mother to a 5 year old and part-time uni student.
      I don’t thnk you need a USP and really hope you don’t change, I enjoy the randomness, you write so well each post is like a chat from a friend. Keep it up! and write another book, it made my laugh out loud and cry, I want more! x

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Gemma, what lovely words. Thank you. An achievement indeed when you’re THAT busy! Comments like yours really do help me keep going. Randomness. My new USP ;0)

    3. Distressed Housewife

      I don’t know about anyone else but I like a bit of a ‘lucky dip’; makes for more interesting reading. And your writing style is fab, so that helps 🙂

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Well I hadn’t thought of it that way. The feedback I’m getting is that ‘randomness’ is quite a welcome thing. Thank you for saying that too about writing style. The style part is almost as important to me as the content so that means a lot. Looking forward to checking your blog out.

    4. 3 Children and It

      Please don’t change your blog, I love it! In fact, I had to search for your blog on google as I wanted to see if you’d written anything new! I don’t think you need a clear theme but then what do I know? I flit from one thing to another like a bee to nectar – no idea at all! I really don’t think that mine has an ‘angle’ but people do read it. You have a great and accessible writing style that people will come back for time and time again. I did anyway!

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Oh thank you Suzanne! You can like my Facebook page for further blog notifications – – shameful plugging there. I guess for me, your great domain name hooks me and tells me a little of what to expect whereas http://www.amyransom.com is bland! And you have a fab tagline… but it’s great to hear that randomness doesn’t put people off. Variety’s the spice of life and all that…

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Is it, is it??!! I’ll just rebrand the blog to that and be done with it ;0) Love, love, love your blog branding. Truly brilliant. There’s a children’s book in there with that illustration and tagline… now tell me you’ve already done one…

    5. Karen Quinn

      Since I asked you to delete the response full of typo’s that I did on my phone this morning, I’ve had a chance to read more of your blog posts – so this one is a little bit different…

      Firstly, I think your writing style is wonderful. Secondly, I understand where you are coming from in worrying about a lack of focus. This morning, I thought I identified with your problem and having read this one post and the comments via a Twitter link, I gave you what I thought was a witty potential tag-line.

      However, at the risk of coming over all wise-owl, I’ve since read more of your posts and I don’t think they are random at all. They are a brilliantly written picture of motherhood in our fast moving times. Having read quite a bit of your back-catalogue, there is a distinct theme linking them all – your love of your family.

      I think you already have a USP, because your blog carries your name and is all about your life. You’re a mum, you look after your home , your husband and your kids, and you are a writer. You share your day to day life in a way that makes complete strangers engage with you. I don’t think you can get much more uniquely focussed than that!

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Ooh every time I get a comment from you I get a little excited. Thanks Em. Feedback from you means so much! Comments AND washing tips. Glad I followed you on Twitter ;0) x

    6. Nell @ the Pigeon Pair and Me

      Well personally I think motherhood and bathroom bins sit hand-in-hand! I really enjoy your blog – most of the ones I like don’t have a USP as such, just a distinct voice. Yours has that, and is well-written. That’s the main thing!

    7. Verily Victoria Vocalises

      I still love your blog title because it is so very memorable. I don’t believe I have a USP either but people are fooled into thinking I am Innovative somehow!! I think variety is the spice of life and I seem to get away with writing all sorts! I l love your blog and always enjoy coming here for a read. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo xx

    8. Katie @mummydaddyme

      Lovely to find your blog, it’s great. I have the opposite problem. I hate my blog name ‘mummy daddy and me makes three.co.uk’ but I wouldn’t change it now or I would lose all the traffic I had spent 2 years building up. It means that I feel I’m pretty limited and can only really write about my family, when i would like to write about other things sometimes too.


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