You are cordially invited…

… to the launch of my NEW LOOK BLOG.

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So please help yourself to a virtual Bellini, enjoy the music (I’m listening to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky).  And mingle.

Goodness.  These virtual launches are tricky eh?

But I had to mark the occasion.  Any which way. After all, it is because of you lovely people who loyally read my posts that I have a blog worth rebranding after only three months.  And you’ve also influenced the new look by telling me what you think my blog is.  And, more importantly, what it isn’t.

If you’re only just joining us, let me fill you in.  A month or so ago I was worried that my blog was a boring old running shoe.  No USP.  No angle.  I had to put off my rebranding meeting with very talented graphic designer twice because I wanted to appear focused, inspired and visionary whilst sipping a latte.  The truth is, all I was feeling was VAGUE.

It turned out to be one of my most popular posts with many of you disagreeing and saying that my blog does in fact have a USP.  This was one occasion where I was very happy to be wrong.  ‘You are your USP!’  you said.  ‘Fab and accessible writing style.  You share your day to day life in a way, which makes complete strangers engage with you.’  Excuse me for a moment whilst I dust off my trumpet.

So I shared all your thoughts with very talented graphic designer and he came up with several ideas.  All brilliant.  All very different.  But the minute he showed me this one, I knew it was THE ONE.  The initial version didn’t have any pink in it and Daddy Pig was concerned.  ‘Pink is your brand,’ he argued.  A couple of others chipped in and said they see pink and think of me.  Well, better than seeing red, I suppose.

‘What do you think?’ I asked very talented graphic designer.

‘I think if you were Virgin, this might be more of a concern,’ he said.

He had a point.  A good one.  But we snuck a little pink back in anyway.  You know, just in case I one day rival Richard Branson.

I hope you like the new look.

It’s certainly not a boring old running shoe.

Footnote: I would like to say a BIG thank you to very talented graphic designer who also designed my book cover.  He does, of course, have a name and you can find him here.  Focused, inspired and visionary.  Also likes a Latte.  Oh and patient.  You have to be to work with me.  The vague one.   


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    12 thoughts on “You are cordially invited…

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Ah thanks Suzanne. I mean who was I kidding when I thought the blog wasn’t about motherhood?! It’s my life…! Thanks for all your support x

    1. Actually Mummy...

      I love it! And I want your graphic designer. My blog has needed rebranding since forever and I’m so totally vague and indecisive about it. Perhaps I need a post just like yours to get some input, and then some latte time with your guy!

    2. Jennifer Beachey

      Hi lovely, I was so excited when I received your invitation to your launch that I dusted off my Viv Westwood heels and slung the LIBK. (large income before kids) handbag over my shoulder and sat on the couch. As you know Ive been known to go to the opening of an envelope but your launch was/is the highlight of my year! The virtual Bellini hit the spot and look at you with all your gorgeous and very clever attendees. I held my breath as I shimmied through the virtual door (obviously to Daft Punk) about to enter the Main Event and it’s awesome. Never too much pink I say, and my first thought was ‘it is brilliant!’ the Design timeless and obviously the content very witty, engaging and funny. Keep up the good work. Anyway I’m off to find my comfortable running shoes as these heels are killing me. Xxx lots love

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Oh I just love this so much Jen. YOU should write a blog?! I have images of you sitting there on your sofa. I am always happy to be the highlight of your year. We miss you so much xx

    3. Karen Quinn

      Thank you for the (virtual) Bellini – it was exactly what I needed since I have to remain focussed today! I Love the new look and thank you for the Twitter mention.

      You’ve inspired me to get back to work on my blog, which I’ve been neglecting of late due to indecisiveness… Perhaps we should start a club?

    4. Kate

      Love love love the new branding! Just spot on 🙂 Like you’re wonderful blogs. Keep them coming! xx


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