Today is my Blog-A-Versary!

Today is my first blogging anniversary.  And my 100th post.  Yes, I have been waffling on for 365 days.  YAWN.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do a ‘Gwyneth’ and get all emotional on you.  Let’s face it, I haven’t won an Oscar or anything.  And, fortunately, I don’t own a candy pink prom dress.

My very first post, Why Pursuing your Whims is Good, now feels a little ironic.  Because I think blogging for a year means this is NOT another whim.  No one is more surprised than me.  Perhaps I have finally found my passion.

Blogging does get in your blood.  Of course, you have frequent moments of self-doubt where you wonder who on earth cares what you have to say about, well anything.  But then there are the likes, comments and shares where you realise that what you’ve written has touched someone or made them laugh.

For five minutes, you might just have made someone feel better.  And, for me, this is most definitely why I write.

So thank you to all of you who have followed me over the past year.  My friends and family who loyally read because they are my friends and family.  To Kate, Annabel and Carole for all the many Facebook shares.  And to all the new people I’ve met through blogging.  I really need you.  

Because without you reading and sharing my blog, this is really just me writing to myself several times a week.  And I think that might be on a par with talking to yourself.  The first sign of madness?  Even if I do always like the answers I get when I ask myself a question.  ‘Should I buy that handbag/eat that chocolate/drink that wine?’  YES!’

I’d like to give special thanks to the incredibly talented Gareth Rimmer for creating my blog.  And fellow (experienced) bloggers, Clare from Grubby Little Faces, Suzanne from 3 Children and It and Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises for helping me start out in the wonderful world of blogging, for explaining things like linkys and for always championing my blog and writing.  Oh, and for telling me the really important stuff like how to make sloe gin.

And I guess I probably should mention Daddy Pig.  Whilst, he has probably only read 20 of my 100 posts (tut tut), he has put up with a year of me sharing our life somewhat publicly, of waiting for dinner (which often never arrived) and having to watch Top Gear whilst I blog.  What a hardship it’s been for him.

Finally, I thank my brilliantly ‘spirited’ girls, Beaver and Godivy, without whom I fear I would have nothing to write about!  I can always count on you both to tell me exactly how it is.  And that is honesty I would not do without.  Let’s hope baby no. 3 gives me just as much material.  Actually?  Let’s hope not.

Well, look at that, I think I may have done a ‘Gwyneth’ after all.

But at least I’m not sobbing.  And that’s some feat when you’re pregnant.




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    4 thoughts on “Today is my Blog-A-Versary!

    1. Jennifer

      Happy Bloggaversary darling. You definitely make my week every week and belly laugh at all of your blogs. I love hearing about what is for dinner, it doesnt make me feel so far away from you. I need to learn about linkys and bloggybits. I am still on Grade 1 blogging and think I may be kept down this year to repeat! Oh the shame.
      Anyway keep up your amazing work and thank you for getting me on to blogging you definitely have paid it forward xxx big love

    2. Suzanne

      A year already?! You know that I love that your blog so won’t waffle on. Suffice to say that you’re one of my all-time faves and have been from the first post I read. Congrats on your bloggerversary. Onwards and upwards! X

    3. Clare

      Is it only a year? Blimey! ha, ha.

      Your writing always, always makes me feel better. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

      Thank you so much for the mention. No thanks required. I am pleased to have ‘found’ you as you helped me get ‘down with the kids’ by explaining what a Bellini was.




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