Carrie Bradshaw NEVER ate a Pot Noodle…

Last week Surviving Life and Motherhood reached 200 likes on Facebook.  May has also been a record month for hits on the blog.  And it’s all thanks to YOU.

Why blog?

People often ask me why I blog.

‘What’s the end goal?’ they say.

‘Erm…’ I reply.  Before that vague look appears.  The one I do so well, especially when I’m trying to look focused and end-goalish.

I can tell that even Daddy Pig doesn’t always get it.  On the other hand, he does get to watch a lot of Extreme Fishing.

The truth is, until last week, I wasn’t really sure why I was doing it either.

Lots of bloggers make actual businesses out of their blogs.  They write reviews for amazing products.  They become ambassadors for huge brands.  They get press trips to fabulous places.  Others use theirs to raise awareness.  Then there are those that get loads of hits and earn advertising revenue.  They are focused.  They achieve.  They have end goals.  GULP.

Carrie Bradshaw.  And Pot Noodles.

The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is write for writing’s sake.  And, in the process, be ‘discovered’ and offered my own column in a magazine.  Ha ha.

But let’s be honest.  What writer doesn’t have that dream?  Carrie Bradshaw made millions of us hope we could write one 500 word column a week and earn enough to live in New York.  With 50 pairs of Louboutins.  Without so much as ever having to eat a Pot Noodle.

I mean, really.  Did you ever see her eat one?

Feel better.

It wasn’t until recently, when I relaunched the blog and Facebook page with the new Surviving Life and Motherhood branding that you really started interacting and responding.  That new people came and liked the page.  And that I realised what I was trying to achieve.

Community.  Comraderie.  A bit of company.  In which we have a moment to make one another laugh.  Feel better.  Goodness.  I sound a bit like Bupa.

Because, I think we’ve gathered, that there are a lot of us out there.  Trying to survive.  This thing called Life.  Motherhood.  Womanhood.  Manhood even (yes, there have been a few dads of late who have felt compelled to share).  It’s a serious business.  One that makes us question whether we really want to be a grown up.  I have several friends right now who are thinking of resigning.  Giving up their bathroom bins.  And most days, I’m not far behind them.

I don’t actually dislike my kids.

But you’ve shown me that we don’t have to be serious about it.  Not all of the time.  That even when the worst things are happening, it’s ok to laugh at the things we can laugh at.  I love that you get Surviving Life and Motherhood’s sense of humour.  That you realise I don’t actually dislike my kids (apart from when I do), even though I often struggle to find a good word to say about them.  That you’re prepared to be honest about how much you sometimes dislike yours.

My ‘end-goal.’

So, my ‘end-goal’ is to make Surviving Life and Motherhood bigger.  To build upon this virtual community you have helped me create.  That has sort of come out of nowhere.  That hopefully promises when the ship is sinking, there will always be someone on hand to help you bale out the water.  Patch up the hole.  Before showing you an even bigger one.  And passing you a glass of wine.

If you’d like to help me, here’s what you can do:

1  Share

Share the Surviving Life and Motherhood FB page or a favourite post with other Facebook friends who might like it.  You can even include a personal message.  Or the winning lottery numbers.  (To share Surviving Life and Motherhood, go to the page and click the gear icon below the cover photo.  There’s an option to add a message).

2  Comment

Continue to comment as you’ve generously done so far.  I LOVE reading what you think.

3  ‘Like’

Carry on being marvellous at giving the FB thumbs up.  So I know I’m giving you what you want.  And I’m not just talking to myself.  Because I do that sometimes.  Mainly because no one listens to me in our house.

4  Contribute

If there’s something you’d like me to write about, tell me.  Or if you have a brilliant idea for a post and want to write a guest blog for Surviving Life and Motherhood, drop me a line.  Because the sound of my own voice can get really boring.  And you lot are a funny bunch.  Far funnier than me.

Who knows.  Maybe we’ll reach 500 likes.  Or 1,000.  Can you imagine what will happen if we manage it?  I mean, look how excited I am at reaching 200 likes.  I’ll admit it.  A little bit of wee came out, it did.  Whilst my pelvic floor is very much Missing In Action.

In the meantime, THANK YOU so much for reading and for giving me my reason to blog.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to secure a press trip to Barbados…


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