‘Surviving life and motherhood (just)’ – NEW BOOK ON AMAZON KINDLE

I’ll keep this brief.  Because no one likes a plugger right?  This week, my second book, ‘Surviving life and motherhood (just)’ was released on Amazon Kindle.  You can read a sample or, better still, buy it here (if you like).

It’s a collection of my blog posts (56 to be precise).  Arranged in a more organised fashion than my fragmented mind.  Phew, I hear you say.

So if you’re a relatively new reader, have missed any along the way or just want to read them again, now you can.

And remember you don’t even have to have a Kindle.  You can download the Kindle app free on iPhone, iPad and other smartphones.

Technology advice AND a book recommendation.  Wow, it must be Friday.

The book is dedicated to you Mums everywhere, especially my own (she’s pretty darn awesome).

Because, I believe that us mothers are AMAZING.  Often slightly insane.  Always very stretched.  There isn’t a mother in the land who hasn’t washed a quiche or baked a pair of pants.  And if she says she hasn’t, she’s lying.

I hope that the collection reminds you how amazing YOU are.  That you’re never alone.  And that we’re all in this together.

The crazy, wonderful world of Motherhood.

Much love


(Plug over).

Ok, so the plug isn’t quite over.  If you’d like to read a sample, buy the book and help my yacht fund so I can one day sail the open seas where my kids will never find me, click here.  Oh and I’m taking survivors.  So if you want to join me, pack your bags and drop me a line over at Surviving Life and Motherhood.  How does Barbados sound?

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