The last minute Christmas list…

We all have one. That last minute Christmas list that appears as the day draws nearer. With things on it that you will NEVER get around to doing. Here’s mine.

  1. Make mince pies with last year’s mincemeat. Which may have gone mouldy. I can’t bring myself to look.
  2. Buy wrapping paper. I could have bought this a million times already but thought it would be much more fun to have a special trip to focus just on this. I will end up buying whatever’s left in the post office (circa 1986).
  3. Get a cat flap. Like all other jobs that have been sitting around for months, this now obviously HAS to be done in time for Christmas. Or Christmas will be ruined.
  4. Think of thoughtful gifts for family members. If it’s really the thought that counts, then I am on fire. Because I am thinking. Hard.
  5. Do photobooks for family members. Very thoughtful gift. Just need to find out how to turn back time because I’ve missed all the Christmas cut off dates.
  6. Order Christmas food. It’s all well and good booking the Christmas delivery slot in February but apparently you still need to fill the basket yourself. Who knew?
  7. Make a yule log. I saw Kirstie Allsopp make one on her homemade Christmas and have decided I CAN do this too. (I can’t).
  8. Make marshmallows. Kirstie’s to blame for this one also. She’s made me think I need marshmallows at Christmas. (They’ve got even less chance of being made than the mince pies and yule log).
  9. Make The Boy with No Name a Christmas stocking. To match Beaver’s and Godivy’s. (If I’d known I was going to have three kids, I’d never have started this tradition in the first place. Same goes for photobooks, memory boxes and scrapbooks of nursery scribbles).
  10. Get addresses for last few Christmas cards sitting on the side. (Or just recycle them now rather than mid January).
  11. Tear up this list. (And stop fantasising about a life where I have time to make anything or do any of the above).

What’s on your list? Tell me below then pop over to Surviving Life and Motherhood. Preferably with a yule log AND marshmallows. Happy Christmas! x

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