Who gets drunk on a Tuesday?

I’m asking.  Anyone?

Well this Tuesday I did.  Unexpectedly.  And rather fantastically.  With a bunch of reliably fantastic girls.

I’m not sure why we thought it was a good idea to drink until 2.00 AM on a school night. Because we all had responsibilities the next day.  Some of the working variety.  Others of the mothering variety.  Actually, it was probably because of those responsibilities that we were drinking in the first place.

I only know that at midnight when two of the girls left, the rest of us looked at them in shock like they were cutting the night short.  ‘But it’s only midnight?  Why are you leaving?’  You know, that sort of non-sensical outrage that only happens when you’re drunk.  Completely.

We danced to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.  On repeat.  Good girls that we are.  We managed to marinate an iPhone.  I think there was a bit of bra swapping though the memory’s hazy on that one.  And in between all this craziness we debated all sorts of wrong topics like the right way to explain ‘semen’ to a child who has asked what it is.  All in firm agreement that you opt for the ‘seaman’ definition for that one.  A sailor.  Wish I’d thought of that before.

The next morning I was so hungover that Blurred Lines was all I could see.  So much so that I barely noticed Beaver trotting off to nursery in hot pants, looking not unlike Kylie Minogue.  If she’d done a rendition of Spinning Around I probably wouldn’t have been that surprised.  I was just too hungover to care.

‘Beaver!’ I hollered after her.  ‘You haven’t got any trousers on!’

‘I’ve got shorts on Mummy, don’t worry,’ she said oiking her top up to reveal the teeny, tiny shorts that will now forever be known as hot pants.

I was actually pleased to be going to work.  Even with a hangover.  Ironic.  Because a hangover at work is more bearable than looking after two children, that I am convinced of.  Especially one who’s wearing hot pants.  I rested my eyelids on the train wondering if I smelt of booze.  At work, I drank tea and lots of it.  I had a bacon sandwich.  And I realised that I have not been hungover at work for an eternity.

It wasn’t uncommon before kids, was it?  You’d march in and actually announce your hangover. ‘Ugh, I’m so hungover.  Got in at 3.00 AM.  Blah blah blah.  Puke.’

Now I just wanted to keep my head down and blend in.  A part-time working mother of two drunk on a Tuesday.  It’s just not cool, is it?

Except that it kind of was.

Cool to disregard all the burdens of being a grown-up for one night and pretend that you can stay up regardless of all that awaits you the next morning.  Early.

And even cooler to have great friends who will do it with you.


Surviving Motherhood Tip#5 – how to help a hangover

  1. Don’t drink.  Ever.  Because hangovers are hell no matter what you do.  And they get worse the older you get.


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    4 thoughts on “Who gets drunk on a Tuesday?

    1. Suzanne

      He he, definitely would if I could! I love an unexpected night out with the girls on a school night. As Miranda would say “such fun!”. Sounds like my kind of night Amy – go you!

    2. Jennifer

      I actively encourage outrageous behaviour such as getting randomly drunk on a Tuesday. After all doesn’t wisdom teach you that with everything you have learned about life, hangovers and the power of a bacon sandwich you can also choose to ignore it. It’s our right as mothers. More importantly its our responsibility as friends to make sure on these rare and precious occasions that we get each other drunk, stay out very late and remind ourselves that apart from the amazing and beautiful girlfriends we have, Alkazeltser is the hungover mothers best friend. That and a bacon sandwich. Love you girls xxx

    3. Sarah MumofThree World

      Great post, made me laugh and great to have such fantastic friends. However I would never get drunk on a Tuesday, or any other day, as I’m teetotal! I used to love going out before kids, but don’t do it much now. It’s actually not much fun being the only sober one and even though my kids are big now and I survive on not much sleep anyway, going to bed at 2.30am doesn’t really appeal! Popping over from #PoCoLo.

    4. Izzie Anderton

      Getting drunk on a Tuesday night – absolutely, why the hell not. Just occasionally it’s nice to forget that you’re a grown-up!

      Dancing to Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines,’ also just perfect. That has to be the best track of the summer so far! Probably best to not let Beaver listen to it though said the mummy who was once very shocked to catch her very young daughter singing along to ‘Cream’ by Prince!


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