What is The New Mum’s Notebook?

When you’ve created something and it’s been in your head for so long you forget that not everyone else just knows what it is. So I thought I’d answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting. Because The New Mum’s Notebook is not just a notebook.


Is The New Mum’s Notebook a blank notebook?

Not at all. It’s actually as much of a book as it is a journal. There’s a lot of written articles in it to reassure and support a new mum in those first 12 months of motherhood. There’s no advice, as such, because the aim of the notebook is to reassure a mum in the choices she’s already making, not give her more advice she can’t process. It doesn’t matter if she’s bottle feeding, breastfeeding, co-sleeping or rocking her baby to sleep whilst listening to Justin Bieber. There’s NO judgement here.


What are the articles about?

There are several articles per month, each relevant to that stage. They might be about sleep deprivation, your relationship, your mental wellbeing or a light hearted look at how NOT to wean your baby. You can see a full list here on the Contents page.


Is The New Mum’s Notebook only for new mums?

Ideally, yes, as the notebook is divided into the first 12 months of motherhood. Each month includes articles relevant to that stage, a few journal pages for a new mum to write on and some positive affirmations and tips for keeping her mind and body healthy. If you buy it for a new mum with a six month old, for example, there will be earlier articles that won’t be as relevant, such as ‘The first 12 days with a newborn.’ Having said that the journal pages aren’t dated, the affirmations can apply to any stage and they will still love using it.


Is The New Mum’s Notebook only for first time mums?

Definitely not. I believe you’re a new mum no matter what ’round’ you’re on, because each baby is so different. Whilst having practical skills in looking after a previous baby definitely helps, lots of the doubts and worries that come with that first time occur every time you have a baby. I’m not sure you ever feel totally confident in what you’re doing plus you’re always sleep deprived and need to hear you’re doing ok. Also, you’re juggling the demands of having more than one child, so you need just as much support as a first time mum. Often more.

open-book-with-coffeeAre there enough journal pages for one a day?

This isn’t a diary or daily journal and I didn’t want anyone to feel pressured to have to write in the notebook too frequently. No new mum has time for that! So there are pages for eight days of every month and a further 12 blank notes pages at the back of the notebook to continue writing down any personal, feeding or weaning notes. I also encourage new mums to use the handy pocket at the back to keep any important notes, letters, or keepsakes.


Can I send it as a gift?

The notebook makes a great gift for an expectant or new mum, as a personal, baby shower or even corporate maternity leave gift. You can add a gift message on our original postcard for a small, additional cost. We also delivery internationally so you can send some support to a new mum friend you can’t physically be there for.


What are people saying about it?

Some lovely feedback from those who have already bought it:

‘Your book will go everywhere with me.’
‘Already in love with it.’
You’ve created the thing that we all wish we’d had.’
‘This is so brilliant, I couldn’t resist. Some great advice that still applies to raising a toddler.’
‘I needed this in my life 6 months ago!’
‘I want another baby now just to get this book.’

How much is it and where can I buy it?

The New Mum’s Notebook is £25 (including P&P). Now available online at The New Mum’s Notebook. We also have a couple of retailers on board and are currently in discussion with several others. You can keep up to date with news of these on our Stockists page.


  • 304 colour pages including 32 articles, journal pages, affirmations, simple recipes and blank notes pages
  • Divided into the first 12 months of motherhood to address each particular stage
  • 12 months of milestone charts with stickers for mum and baby
  • Integrated pocket at the back with milestone stickers and space for papers and notes
  • Neon yellow ribbon bookmark
  • Comes nicely packaged, ideal for a new mum/baby shower gift with gift card available


If you’ve purchased or been given a copy of The New Mum’s Notebook, do share and tag your picture on social media #thenewmumsnotebook. I love seeing all your photos, especially books on bumps! More of me over on Facebook and Instagram.

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