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We have a website, well a holding page at least! The New Mum’s Notebook, the sanity-saving journal for ALL new mums (no matter what round you’re on), is launching June 2016. Please share this with mums-to-be (or better still treat them to a copy) and sign up to the newsletter for launch news, sanity-saving tips and humour.

The story behind it.

I had a really tough time after my third baby was born and I found myself desperate for reassurance. I blogged about the first 12 days with a newborn, the fourth trimester and various other new mum posts, which were incredibly well received.

The thing that made me so sad was the amount of mums saying they wish they’d read them earlier in their motherhood journey. Like me, most of them had never even heard of the fourth trimester and had instead spent those early months riddled with guilt and self-doubt.

I wanted to find a way to get this information to new mums before giving birth or, at the very least, as soon as they had their baby. I looked into distributing it in a leaflet via the NHS but it wasn’t a simple process. So I thought about producing a small pamphlet that I could sell cheaply via my blog. Then I realised how much material I had and that pamphlet turned into a book, which then became a journal and The New Mum’s Notebook was born.

So. What is The New Mum’s Notebook?

It’s a journal for new mums (whether it’s baby number one, two, three or six!). It’s her sanity-saving companion. For those days where she might need a little encouragement. To hear that she’s amazing (because she is). And to give her a place to write down any thoughts and memories, so she can remember them in five years’ time. Or look back (and reassure herself) on how she felt at a particular time, if she has another baby.

My intention is for the journal to be a companion. Like having her best friend by her side. Someone who will say, ‘you’re amazing’ and reassure her, as often as she needs to hear it, that what she is doing is more than enough.

How can it help new mums?

Motherhood is the most uncertain and challenging time in most women’s lives. It’s not what we expect and we spend most of the first year (and beyond!) doubting ourselves. We’re in a sleep-deprived fog and not always able to think rationally, like we would have done pre-baby. So thoughts snowball, we feel like we’re doing a bad job and amidst all that we feel lonely and isolated. I want new mums to know that ALL OF THIS is normal, that the catastrophic thoughts are not catastrophic at all, they just feel like they are. Moments pass. Every new mum is beautifully unique. And it really and truly DOES NOT MATTER how she birthed her baby, how she’s feeding her baby or what routine or lack of routine she’s doing.

New mums don’t need conflicting advice that doesn’t suit their situation or to waste precious energy comparing themselves to other mums. They only need to be supported in their version of motherhood, whatever that has turned out to be.

Because every version is different. Every version is valid. And all new mums deserve to feel as confident as possible in what they’re doing.

This is NOT another baby journal.

This is a journal for the mum’s wellbeing. It’s divided into 12 months with each month including a couple of features relevant to that stage of motherhood, space for her to write and some positive affirmations and tips for keeping her mind and body healthy (basically cutting herself some slack and eating cake). At the back of the notebook there’s an annual planner with stickers, to keep track of important dates (because a baby ate her brain). As well as a baby milestone chart with quick and easy stickers (because we all forget when our baby cut their first tooth or started crawling).

Where can I buy it?

The New Mum’s Notebook is 304 pages, priced at £25 (including P&P) and will be available via the website from June. You can subscribe to the mailing list to be the first to order (and receive tasters in the meantime). It will also be available to buy from selected retailers, to be announced shortly.

My hope is that it helps new mums navigate the first year of motherhood and reminds them how amazing they are.




The website is live! Well, the holding page at least. Please sign up to receive news of the launch and be the first to order. This will make a lovely gift for new mums so start dropping some hints or add to your shopping list for a new mum…

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