How to get more peace in 2014 (without selling your kids)

By Amy Ransom on January 9, 2014 , 1 Comment

My first post of 2014.

So it’s probably polite to wish you a Happy New Year.  Even though you, like me, are probably wondering when it’s ok not to begin every conversation with, ‘Happy New Year!’

There are no huge plans in our household for 2014.  No grand (and unrealistic) gestures we can’t keep.  No gruelling gym and weight loss regimes.  Because the refreshing optimism that greeted us on the morning of New Year’s Day had completely evaporated by lunchtime when Godivy ended up in an ambulance en route to A&E after a vomit inducing bang to the head.

Right there and then I was reminded that grandiose plans are for those without small people in tow.  They are not for me.  So this year I’ll be happy enough if Godivy can just keep her kamikaze tendencies in check.  Oh, and if we smile more than we shout.

There is one other thing I’ve realised I’d like from 2014.  Less noise.  More peace.  Yes, obviously every parent wishes for this.  But I’m not talking about the noise of kids.  Like I said, no unrealistic gestures in our house this year.

I mean less noise from the outside world.  Negative thoughts.  Depressing, irrelevant stories.  Things that I simply do not need to hear.  Because all these snippets are like building blocks and before you know it you’re up against a huge brick wall that’s difficult to break through.

Take my usually lovely early morning train journey to work on Monday.  Stuck next to three girls in their early 20s.  At least two with questionable IQs. One was on the wrong train, her friend’s fault apparently. The friend had bigger worries though; starting a new job and questioning the likelihood of alienating her new colleagues by wearing high heels.  The third was also preoccupied. About what shape eyebrows she should get.  I could also tell you exactly what they have for lunch. Oh, and their contraceptive preferences.

This was all excess noise I did not need to hear.

When I told Daddy Pig he said, ‘I bet you used to be exactly the same.’  Obviously, that is not something I will even allow myself to entertain.  I have always known where Waterloo East is, thank you very much.

Fortunately, I got some headphones for Christmas.  And yesterday morning, I remembered to take them.  Not only did I instantly tune out the noise of the world around me, but I also suddenly had my very own soundtrack.  A very British Working Title film soundtrack, naturally.  One in which I look like Keira Poutley.  Not one in which I am a nude body double.

And the rest of my day was rather nice.  Proof perhaps that we all need time to be alone with our own thoughts and not be assaulted with everyone else’s.

The only thing left to do is to figure out how to tune out ‘world noise’ when I’m not wearing them.

Earplugs.  That’ll do it.



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    One thought on “How to get more peace in 2014 (without selling your kids)

    1. suzanne3childrenandit

      I always find those train conversations rather fascinating because a) I’m nosy and b) I don’t catch the train very often. I can imagine it grates on your nerves if you’re listening to it every day. Good plan with the headphones! For total peace, I recommend walking the dog with no one other than you and your thoughts: dogs are great for that 🙂


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