Why fashion isn’t frivolous (no matter who you are)

Never underestimate the power of clothes.

Not least because of their obvious merits in preserving one’s dignity, but also because they can make you feel rather nice.

I am surrounded by people who appreciate this.  My dad has always worn a well-tailored suit for work.  Daddy Pig likes to wear one too and has been known to sneak in a secret suit purchase (yes, I thought it was only women that did this too).  And I have a friend who doesn’t wear the same outfit combination twice.  She really doesn’t.  I’ve checked.

I rediscovered it for myself the other day at work, when I had so many compliments about what I was wearing that I realised most days I must look like ****.

You look nice today,’ said one.

‘You should dress like that every day,’ said another.

‘Like what… Nice?’  I replied.

I wasn’t in a ball gown or anything.  But I was wearing a dress that wasn’t black.  That in itself was probably enough to draw some attention.  I was also having a good hair day, having been plagued by rather hideous baby hair regrowth for the past six months.  And I had heels on.  We all know they make you walk a bit more gracefully.  If you’re not drunk.

The truth is, I had thought about what I was wearing that morning, more than I usually do.  I’ve been waiting on some news at work and I thought if I made more effort, it might come.  You know, that whole ‘law of attraction’ thing.  And funnily enough, it worked.

The next day, encouraged, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone again and wore something different.  Fed up of waiting for spring to substantiate such an outfit, I put on electric blue jeans with a black and white coat.  I got some looks at the train station but I work in magazines where people wear pink neon knitwear and brogues with white socks.  Once at work, I fitted right in.

I’ve felt much happier this week.  I think I’ve been a nicer person too.  All because of a few bits of fabric.  And so, I’ve been reminded that fashion isn’t frivolous.  It matters.  It’s not just how it makes you feel in yourself, it also contributes to how others perceive you.  You up your game when you dress well.  And that can only mean good things.

So to those of us for whom fashion isn’t instinctive, try this one simple thing.  Next time you’re getting dressed, don’t gravitate towards the old favourite hanging in your wardrobe.  Instead, choose something you hardly ever wear.

Then, make a wish.  And see what comes your way.


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