How to survive September

By Amy Ransom on September 17, 2013 , 5 Comments

Does anyone else feel like they’ve having their arse kicked by September?

Well I do.

No sooner had I polished off the holiday gin and reluctantly put away the summer wardrobe, than I was catapulted into this punishing and relentless back to school routine.  A routine that has to happen every day.  To her credit, Beaver has mostly taken it in her stride.  Me?  Not so much.

Regardless of whether you’re back to school or not, I think September has that feel for all of us.  Yes even those of us whose days of buying new pencil cases are far, far behind us.

And it’s fair to say that September’s a funny old month.  You spend a lot of it reminiscing. Nostalgic for those balmy summer evenings where glasses of rose and cold lager are not a luxury but an entitlement.  And you spend the rest of it looking forward.  Wondering what’s next.  And desperately trying not to utter the word ‘Christmas.’  Or watch X Factor.

Because poor old September finds it hard to exist in its own right.  It doesn’t have the lure of the other months.  The hopeful heat of August.  The scary tongue in cheek horror of Halloween.  ‘Woooooooo.’  The whizz, pop, bang and sparkle of Firework night.

As the evenings draw in, the mornings get darker and the temperature drops, we curse September.  Just a little bit.  ‘You’re the killjoy of months, September.  The one who forces us to get back to normal.  Whatever normal is.  When all we really want to do is languor around in our shorts, drinking G&Ts and firing up the barbie.’

But as I slowly begin to emerge from the charcoal fumes, I realise that September is a necessary rite of passage.  And I owe it more than I appreciate.

Because to be completely honest, I probably need a bit of a kick up the arse.

And I see now that in lots of ways, September’s a new beginning.  An opportunity to return to the normality that only September can offer.  The normality that we all crave.  That enables us to get our heads down again.  To get back on the to-do-list.  To revive the Sunday roast.

There are other perks too.

For one, the humidity of July and August has been playing havoc with my hair.  I also really, really want to wear knitwear.  And the black tights, which are desperately clambering out of the drawer will liberate me from a regime of exfoliation and fake tan.  Exfoliation?  Fake tan?  Ha ha.  Who am I kidding.  But still, you get my drift.

So I’m going to stop being so inhospitable, September, and just get on with it.  Get on with you.  And make the most of this opportunity to think about what I might want to do with the last quarter of the year.  I have a few ideas.  I do.

Most of them involve sleep.

Lots and lots of sleep.

Surviving Motherhood Tip#12 – how to survive September

  1. Remember the things you like about September.  Anything.
  2. Do something you’ve been putting off all summer.  Everything.
  3. Book a half-term October holiday.  Anywhere.
  4. Cook a roast.  Eat sticky toffee pudding.  Animals use autumn to build up fat reserves for winter.  Why shouldn’t we?
  5. Sleep.  It’s good practice for hibernation.


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    5 thoughts on “How to survive September

    1. suzanne3childrenandit

      I have to say that I’ve really struggled with September so far this year….it’s all so flipping exhausting!!! Have no idea why this year seems worse than normal, except that my middle one started Secondary School but I reckon the weather has a lot to answer for 🙁 I don’t even work more than 2 days a week – I have no excuse!
      Clarina’s Contemplations has started a linky for Autumnal posts why not link this one up?

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Well if you’ve struggled, what hope is there for the rest of us? Apparently a heatwave is on the way… just to really throw us. I’ll check out that linky, thank you Suzanne x


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