Twitterbloggate (the scandal of blogging)

We have a situation.  Daddy Pig might even say it’s a scandal.

I’m calling it Twitterbloggate.

Let me explain.

In true confession style, it has been six weeks, 18 posts and 525 tweets since my first blog.  And things are beginning to slide.  Because blogging, tweeting and book PR is a full time job, if you want to do it well.

Last night we didn’t eat until 9.00 PM.  Because I was blogging, unsuccessfully.  I served up a dinner, which even by my standards was questionable.  Fresh linguine with cream cheese topped with rocket, peas and a piece of salmon.  Nothing wrong with the ingredient combination, I agree.  Except the pasta had congealed and was stuck together.  So the cream cheese didn’t melt and lay unsociably in clumps making no effort whatsoever to bond with the pasta.  I forgot to ‘wilt’ the rocket so had to bung it on top.  Next came the peas, which rolled off the mountain of stodginess, desperately trying to avoid the fate of the other ingredients.

It looked a bit like a bird’s nest.  With the piece of salmon as the bird.

‘You have to help me,’ I said to Daddy Pig as peas cascaded down onto the floor.  ‘I’m losing the plot.’  I really think I might be.

Dinner is only one of the casualties since I started following my writing ambition.  Sleep is another, I think I’m having less than when the girls were newborns.  Washing is done sporadically.  Today I had no clean knickers so I am wearing a rather fancy pair that should be reserved for Saturday nights.  And only then if you’re 20, which is probably how old I was when I bought them.

Yesterday, on probably the hottest day of the year so far, Godivy went to nursery in a quilted winter coat.  With no shoes.  Oh and no suncream (is there a bigger crime as a parent?).  And last week, Beaver made a toilet roll soup in the sink whilst I was blogging upstairs.  It was not tasty.

You get my drift.

Right now, I have no idea how to resolve Twitterbloggate.  Because I don’t want to resign.  I just need to figure out how to do it all.  You know, that perpetual myth.  Or find a better way of doing it.

If you’ve got any ideas, let me know.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to have a little lie down.


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    12 thoughts on “Twitterbloggate (the scandal of blogging)

    1. Honest mum

      Totally relate; juggling is hard. I find it easier to have the husband cook then I write once he’s finished work & able to do a lot of the night routine. Yes it’s tiring writing at night ; I do some when the baby sleeps or family help in the day but I feel I get the best of both worlds that way. Good luck x

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Yes I am trying to instil a bit of that now. Daddy Pig did dinner tonight whilst I blogged. I’m also going to try some early mornings?! Thanks for reading and the empathy x

    2. Clare Duguid

      Please can someone help us?
      I have resorted to trying to get up earlier. Easing myself in with 6.15 this week. Aiming for 5.30am. I’m doing chores in the evening & going earlier to bed. I will let u know how it goes. My other half seems to be on side now. Took a while to see it as my work so now I need some chore sharing to start.

      Good luck Amy. Keep going as I’d miss your twitter blogging.

    3. Sam

      Oh I can so identify.

      Your dinner sounds amazing, to make you feel much much better, we had ham and cottage cheese for dinner last night as I was working, then attempted to write a post for the blog, with no success!

      I am not too sure either about how to resolve the situation of basically wanting to fit too much into the days. At least it is summer now and the mornings are light so getting started at 5.30 doesn’t hurt quite so much. xx

    4. EmmaMT from

      Ahhh, been there done that…. for two years! Blogging once or twice a week. Every week!

      My action plan…
      1. Do one load of washing a day and put it away before you do the next. It means you will always have knickers and you won’t have a mountain to wash at the weekend!
      2. Plan your posts and do them in stages. I upload all my pics for a post in one go then come back to the writing another time. It means I’m not spending hours on end at the Mac.
      3. I do now get up at 5am but that is more because my husband is out of the door at 6am everyday and it was becoming a problem him crashing at 10pm and me still up writing at midnight. We were becoming ships that pass in the night. Now we are on the same timescale it’s much better.
      4. Find something that you don’t want to watch on TV that MR Daddy Pig likes and say “why don’t you watch that while I go and do some writing?” This works a treat in my house. I mean who want’s to watch Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch??? Mr MT loves to control the remote and I hate to sit flicking between channels! IT’s a win win
      5. Get him to cook you dinner. You’ve been working too and probably doing house hold chores and seeing to all the wrigglers needs!
      6. Give yourself a break. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. It will all smooth itself out soon enough!

      Hope that helps. Whatever you do don’t give up. The first few months of blogging are said to be the hardest and when most people give up. You’re way too good… and funny! for that.

      Looking forward to your next posts


      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Thank you Emma! Your action plan is brilliant. And do you know I realised this morning it is so much better if I put the washing away instead of leaving it in the basket hoping it will put itself away. It never does. Uncooperative. Not sure about the 5am starts but I’m considering 6am. And as for TV, Daddy Pig LOVES Ice Road Truckers and Extreme Fishing so he’s got nothing to moan about! He’s still resisting doing dinner though he did it tonight. Sometimes I think these men are still in the ‘cave.’ We’ll get there. I keep re-reading the ‘good’ and ‘funny’ part. Thank you x

    5. Nell @ the Pigeon Pair and Me

      Wow, I’m impressed by the previous commenters. 5.30 start?? That’s dedication for you!

      I miss out on all sorts of stuff because I have to write/blog hop in the evenings. This thing called Broadchurch that everyone’s going on about, for instance, has completely passed me by. No time for telly or films any more! And exercise has gone out of the window. I use any excuse to get out of going to Mummy aerobics, and blogging provides me with a good one.

      One thing I would say, is that it’s got easier over the 6 months I’ve been blogging. Now it takes me a lot less time to dash out a post, and to get it out there through linkys etc.

      Keep on going!

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        I know! There’s a 5.00 AM start too. And Thank goodness. Someone else who has missed Broadchurch. The whole thing went over my head until I was on Twitter on Monday evening and EVERYONE was talking about it. Re the exercise, I’ve started that again. I think writing and running are related. More on that in tomorrow’s post.

        Thanks for the encouragement. Please can you share more about Linkys. Is that things like PoCoLo?

    6. Suzanne

      This had me laughing out loud…to myself….which is something that I do regularly now that I’m a blogging addict. Honest, my kids think that I am off my rocker and probably we all are just a bit. A friend emailed me today and said ‘why do you blog? I just don’t get it’. Hmmm….I’m not sure! I won’t be giving it up anytime soon, my kids (and OH) are getting used to less than average dinners and very little in the way of clean clothes, yours will too – honest!

    7. Blueberetmum

      Hiya – great post. Have been bloggin only for a few months and not doing much PR. I know I should spend more time on tweeting, commenting and getting involved but then… I will have no time to think and write and get inspired – delighted to occasionally be able to do some blog hopping! #PoCoLo x


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