Women are bloody awesome (and so say all of us)

I don’t know if it’s the promise of Christmas. The fact that, last night, I watched my annual viewing of The Holiday. Or if it’s all the mulled wine. The gin. AND the sherry (yes, my name’s Amy and I’m a secret sherry drinker). But I’m feeling a bit warm and fuzzy inside.

No woman should be an island.

I guess this time of year makes you grateful. For what you have. Especially when confronted by those who have so much less.

I am grateful for so many things. But most of all, I am grateful for the amazing women I am surrounded by. My mum and my sister. Women who I am honoured to have as friends. Women I come across who, maybe I don’t know that well, but ooze compassion, support and awesomeness. Women I don’t know at all but who inspire me and so many others with their honesty, their bravery and their willingness to share.

Because without these women, I know that I would feel alone. And often misunderstood.

I would be an island.

Women talk.

Since becoming a mother, my friendships and my connection with other women is something that I simply cannot live without.

No one, and I mean no one, gets it like another woman. Who else gets everything you’re feeling, completely and utterly, before you’ve even said anything?

Who else lets you just talk without ever actually reaching the point?

The evolution of women.

I love that women are always looking to evolve. That we look inwards so often. We might be criticised for over analysing, for being too emotional, for sometimes being irrational but actually? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being in tune with our emotions is our number one survival skill.

I love that when we become mothers we find resources and strength within ourselves that would rival a marine. We are tough. We march on. We battle. But we do it with empathy and consideration. We are a force to be reckoned with.

I love that women achieve so much, especially after becoming mothers. I’m not just talking about those inspirational women who somehow find the imagination and energy to set up amazing businesses like my lovely friend, Steph, who sends women and mums care packages via Don’t Buy Her Flowers (they make women cry. In a good way. I’ve had one so I know.) Or my determined friend, Laura, who has followed her dream and just opened an appointment only baby boutique, Eat Sleep Love, in Blackheath (it’s beautiful and they also do a damn good Christmas party).

I’m also talking about the women who achieve every day, in the less extraordinary things they do, who often go unacknowledged. The way they patiently answer that call of, ‘Mummy,’ for the 100th time that hour. The way they give their time to someone else who needs it more, even though they have so little to spare for themselves. The way they validate other women by listening. Not judging. And making someone else feel better.

These women are the backbone of our society. They are shaping what tomorrow looks like. They are redefining the future.

To be a more compassionate one.

Thank you.

So, this Christmas, I will be feeling thankful for all of you awesome women. For another year of feeling connected and empowered by every woman who has come into my life, however that has happened.

I will be thinking of the women who are struggling this year. Who, despite their own battles, are continuing to inspire others and helping us to be gracious. The wonderful Joey Feek, who has stage 4 cervical cancer and a not yet two year old daughter. If you read just one blog this Christmas, make it her husband’s, This Life I Live. His writing and the faith they have in God’s will makes you feel a peace you’d think it would be impossible to have in their situation. It gets deep into your soul. It’s life affirming. She is nothing short of incredible.

Finally, I will be looking inward. To see what I can do better. To see how I can raise my two daughters to be a part of this compassionate future. To see how I can support other women and other mums, as they do me.

So, to all you awesome, awesome women, I wish you a very happy Christmas.

(Did I say I think you’re awesome?)

Much love




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    4 thoughts on “Women are bloody awesome (and so say all of us)

    1. Kiran

      Oh Amy, thank you for the introduction to This Life I Live. What an incredible family.
      Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas too. And here’s to 2016 – a year perhaps when we’ll all support each other a little more xxx


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