10 things to do on holiday when it rains…

By Amy Ransom on April 12, 2014 , 1 Comment

Rain needn’t put paid to a happy family holiday.  Here are some things you can do if the heavens open in a remote, all year climate destination. Ahem.

  1. Tweet the hell out of Twitter until you are practically the only tweets in your Twitterfeed. 
  2. Pull the blackout curtains. Convince everyone it’s already nighttime and go to bed.
  3. Watch Bridget Jones on the hotel TV. In Spanish.
  4. Learn Spanish.
  5. Find the only English channel, showing a cheery film called, ‘Dead Before Dawn.’
  6. Envy the people who are dead before dawn.
  7. Open the mini-bar. Then remember you’re 7 months pregnant.
  8. Wish you’d bought a giant Toblerone at the airport.
  9. Let the kids drink Coke and eat sandwiches in bed. Before realising they’ve eaten them on your side of the bed. ‘Oh crumbs,’ you say (or something slightly more graphic).
  10. Count the minutes until the all you can eat buffet opens.  Glamorous.

All of the above have been road-tested for your benefit. For other similarly constructive posts and thoughts come and hang out on Facebook at Surviving Life and Motherhood.

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    One thought on “10 things to do on holiday when it rains…

    1. jastine.leberl@yahoo.com

      Oh hun I’m sorry to have found your miserable weather so funny, but you do paint a hysterical picture, I just couldn’t help it. Think 5 and 6 are my fave and can relate to no 9! Enjoy the rest of your hols come rain or shine 😉


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