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Simply put, our lives with our kids. Why they drive us mad and why we love them (often simultaneously).

How to spot a threenager…

How on earth have I been a mother for eight years, had three kids and NEVER written a post about threenagers? Well, finally, here it is. How to spot one.

How to potty train a boy*

* Warning: This post contains absolutely no advice of any value. But it may at least make you vow never to potty train your own.

Dear New Mum, I see you…

A little insight from an ‘old’ mum to a new one. I hope it helps you when you feel like you’re drowning in those demanding early years.

Kids and money.

Contrary to the title, this isn’t a post about selling your kids and how much you can get for them. It’s about their relationship with money.

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