Today (I’m wondering if I can do this)

Sometimes, I want to scream at my kids, ‘I’M A PERSON TOO!’ Especially when they’re pushing boundaries, being cheeky and generally driving me nuts. (Actually I want a whole lot else as well, but I’m probably pushing my luck.) This is my wish list today. What would you add?

Today, I want you to come and brush your teeth the first time I ask.

Today, I want you to stop asking me for things. Constantly. And unnecessarily.

Today, I want to breathe. Just breathe. And be. (If only for 5 minutes).

Today, I need something more than making your breakfast. Your lunch. And your tea.

Today, I want you to stop calling my name every minute. (It’s not even my real one.)

Today, I ask you to stop telling tales. And sort it out yourself.

Today, I need you to stop arguing with each other. And just be nice.

Today, I want you to respect me. And not push the boundaries when I’m already frazzled.

Today, I wish you’d see that when you put on yet another new outfit, I wash all those outfits.

Today, I want you to be careful and not spill your juice.

Today, I want you to take responsibility for the small things I ask you.

Today, I want a day off from wiping bums and mopping floors.

Today, I want to eat my lunch without you eating it first.

Today, I want you to remember the manners I know you have.

Today, (and always) I ask you to be kind.

Today, I want you to be reasonable and calm. (Yes, really.)

Today, I need a gin in a can even earlier than usual.

Today, I can’t be the bigger person and bite my tongue.

(Because) Today, this existence is making me feel small.

Today, I need you to understand that I am a person too.

Today, I am wondering if I can do this. Day in day out.

Tomorrow, I know that I will.

And we will. Today. Tomorrow. And the day after that. But sometimes we need to be able to say stuff like this. More over at Surviving Life and Motherhood. Hope to see you there x

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