A poem for lovely, amazing mums

There’s more to you than meets the eye
More than nappies and crumbs
You’ve got dreams and needs of your very own
Beyond being someone’s mum.

‘You’re lucky’ to have them, you know, you know
But sometimes you just want to scream
Dig out some heels and get out on the town
And start pursuing those dreams.

It’s ok to admit how hard it can be
When the days stretch endlessly ahead
And the tantrums, tears and endless demands
Make you wonder why you got out of bed.

‘You wouldn’t change it,’ blah blah blah
Except that sometimes you would.
You’d swap it all, just for a moment
For the life you once knew, if you could.

It changes you, becoming a mum
Nothing can be what it was
Those frivolous days are a thing of the past
Everything comes at a cost.

But the price you pay is never too much
For the small people you hold in your heart
You love them to the moon and back
And you could never be apart.

So today as you sweep the floor again
And wipe another nose
Remember how amazing you are
And how quick these days will go.

(Also remember that it’s fine to shout, lose your temper and cry. You’re a mum. Not a saint.)

More anecdotes, posts and chit chat over at Surviving Life and Motherhood. Come and join us.

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