What’s wrong with a hedgehog cake?

Sorry to all of you who were expecting The Holiday – Part Two as my next post.

It is coming, I promise.  But meanwhile, I am being a little distracted by the impending birthday of a nearly four year old.  Who is making requests that could rival Paris Hilton.

So far this week, Beaver has asked me for a bra.  And a wedding dress.  Both with Tinkerbell on.   Forget the fact that I didn’t even know she was dating, where the **** am I supposed to get a Tinkerbell bra and wedding dress?

That’s actually the least of my worries.  She has also reminded me that she wants an E.T. cake for her birthday.  And not just any E.T. cake but ‘one with the bony finger.’  She’s consistent, I’ll give her that.  She first mentioned she wanted one shortly after last year’s Nemo cake. I’ve made a mental note to only let Beaver watch contemporary films from hereonin lest she asks me for a Labyrinth cake next year.

So this is why at 10.30 PM I am googling E.T. cakes.  They don’t exist.  Not the ready-made variety anyway.  Neither do E.T. cake decorations, stickers or any sort of ‘cheating’ merchandise. No, they remain firmly back in 1982, which is where I am wishing I was right now.  A jolly five year old without these awesome responsibilities.  I’m sure my birthday cakes were simple things like hedgehogs and caterpillars.

Somewhat reassuringly, it would appear that I am not the first to have been asked for an E.T. cake.  Many before me have tried (and failed).  The gallery is impressive if not downright gruesome.  I feel a bit sick just looking at them.  This one is a particular favourite.

But I will not let her down.  Obviously.  So I am sitting here finding ways to fashion my own version.  So far I have bought various colours of icing, glitter and baubles.  I have found out what colour the moon actually is.  Annoyingly, it seems to be a sort of marbled colour but on this occasion it will just have to be white.  Because noone has yet invented marbled moon icing.

I reckon I can do a silhouette of Elliot and the bike but I have no idea how I am going to make E.T.’s finger glow.  I’m sure she will be expecting it.

There is another alternative.  In my travels, I’ve come across some Tinkerbell cake decorations. And I’m wondering if I could get out of the whole thing on a technicality.  ‘Oh, Beaver, I thought you said you wanted a Tinkerbell cake.’

But then that means I’ve got to find a bra and a wedding dress with E.T. on.

Although in the scheme of things, that might actually be easier.



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    7 thoughts on “What’s wrong with a hedgehog cake?

    1. Jennifer Beachey

      I am crying I am laughing so much! Awesome Amy. It is dangerous territory in the ET cake zone. Especially with the boney finger. You are either going to look like you are giving ‘the bird’ or making something resembling the male appendage. Either way not that great for a 4 year olds birthday party. I made Thomas a pirate ship birthday cake last year but on each request it sounded like he was asking for a ‘pile of ****’, the danger there was that was exactly what it looked like when I was done. I’m gunning for the caterpillar cake this year.

    2. Jo

      Amy I have to comment on this blog it made me giggle – especially the ET cake disaster! Having just got over Cate turning four years old – she had a four day celebration, and now I am thinking is that a day for every year going fwd now?! It made me laugh aswell you thinking about changing the cake to Tinkerbell, Eva sounds just like Cate and she does not forget a thing, so switching the cake theme last minute could have been a bad move! Take care Jo x

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        I love that you’ve commented, Jo! And funny you should say about 4 day celebration – I’ve just blogged about that too! Why so epic, I’m wondering? Good to know we’re not the only ones. I tell you for all the ‘airtime’ E.T. got, he may as well have been a Tinkerbell cake. Four hours to make. Four seconds to demolish. Great to hear from you x

    3. EmmaMT from CakesBakesAndCookies.com

      Hey Amy, you can get any picture you want printed onto sugarpaper at your local cake decorating shop. Just give them a call and they’ll be able to help you. It’s really easy. You just find a pic on google, save it a few times onto a new page and email that page to the shop. They then print it out and you just cut out the design. Easy peasy!

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Why didn’t I ask you first Em? Queen of cakes. Thanks so much. I actually managed to concoct an E.T cake of sorts with icing. But next time I shall try that! x


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