When you get the chance to fix your child’s world…

By Amy Ransom on February 2, 2014 , 1 Comment

So today, tragedy struck poor Beaver.

Fortunately, she was being looked after by a higher being.


Yes, I was surprised too.

Beaver, Daddy Pig and friends had been to the park on bikes.  And somewhere along the journey, Beaver lost her Rapunzel hair extension.  Given that Beaver has barely taken this off since Christmas, this was about the worst thing that could happen.  In fact, I think she’d rather give up one of us than the Rapunzel hair extension.  She sleeps with it.  She wears it swimming.  She wears it to church and a whole host of other inappropriate places.  You get my drift.

So, understandably she was utterly distraught.  Nothing could console her.  Especially not me pointing out that wearing a hair extension when you’re going out bike-riding is a silly thing to do.  By this point Beaver was beginning to look a bit like Mother Gothel when she needs her magic hair fix.

In an effort to stop a complete nervous breakdown (mine not Beaver’s), Daddy Pig reluctantly said he’d go out and look for it.  I have a feeling he looked as far as the pub at the end of the road.  And by the end of the road I mean in the pub with a pint…

When he returned home empty-handed, my friend pointed out he’d probably had a ‘man look.’  She was right.  Daddy Pig cannot find the butter in the fridge on a good day.

So, with a pleading look from Beaver, off I went.  To find the magic hair and turn Mother Gothel back into Beaver.

I have done this before.  Found things that were otherwise assumed lost.  Daddy Pig says this is because I have ‘crab-hunting eyes’ (an ability to spot really small things).  So, I was hopeful.

But after 10 minutes of looking, it was almost dark and the search wasn’t looking fruitful.  And that’s when it happened.

You know that bit in Tangled when the hair glows.  And displays its magical powers.


Yes, lying on the grass away from the path was the golden, ‘glowing’ plait.  I should not have seen it, I really shouldn’t have.  It wasn’t as if I was walking along singing, ‘Flower gleam and glow, Let your power shine, Make the clock reverse, Bring back what once was mine.’

OK, so maybe I was.

When I got home, it only took seconds for Mother Gothel to become Beaver once more.  And in that moment, I was the mother that Beaver just expects me to be.  The one who can make everything right again.  The one who can fix her world.  The one that I hardly ever am.

Yet, I don’t think Beaver ever doubted me.  So great and natural is the trust a child has for their mother.  And even though I hate her damn Rapunzel hairband, I would climb the highest mountain to find it and put that smile back on her face.

I will not, however, be quite so accommodating when she’s 20 and lost her phone or handbag after a drunk night out.

She can look for that herself.

Whilst I do my best Mother Gothel impression.


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    One thought on “When you get the chance to fix your child’s world…

    1. suzanne3childrenandit

      And right there in that moment, you became the ‘best person everrrrrr’ in Beaver’s eyes (enjoy it while it lasts, once they reach the Tween years, it’s all out the window!). Can sympathise with the ‘man look’ what is it all about?!


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