How to cope with 3 kids…

This week I was given some very sound advice from another mum of three about how to cope with having three children.  Simply.  ‘Lower your expectations.’

Funnily enough, this seems to be happening without any conscious effort on my part.  So far, Godivy has missed getting dressed for her sister’s birthday party and turned up in a nappy.  I’ve been distracted making the girls’ dinner, leaving them with a very sad looking tea of brown avocado and rubbery carrots.  And I’ve fallen asleep, missed Beaver’s end of term assembly and ‘sent’ her to an after club that wasn’t even on.

Yes.  The reality of three is upon me.  Forget lowering my expectations.  I think I’ll just abolish them completely.

Because today, over two and a half hours all I achieved was this.

Put The Boy in a carseat.  Screaming.  Drive to nursery.  Screaming.  Take him out of the carseat.  Screaming.  Collect Godivy.  Screaming.  Put The Boy back in the carseat.  Screaming.  Drive to school.  Screaming.  Unpack Godivy and The Boy.  Screaming.  Intercept Beaver being escorted to the school office because Mummy’s forgot to pick her up.  Screaming.  Apologise to teacher.  Screaming.  Lose Godivy.  Screaming.  Leave The Boy in a carseat on the pavement to find Godivy.  Screaming.  Find Godivy.  Screaming.  Lose Beaver.  Screaming.

Lose my bloody mind.

And this is where I realise that keeping track of three kids is physically impossible.  Even with one of them securely fastened in a carseat.

Mums of three, I salute you.  I don’t know how you do it.  I’m drawing up a rota to ensure that I am NEVER AGAIN in a position where I’m left alone with the three of them.  For their safety as much as my sanity.  I mean, what do you do when they all head off in different directions?  Pursue the one you like the best and wish the other two luck?

Oh well.  I guess I have six weeks of school holidays to figure this one out.

Six weeks.  Three kids.  One nervous breakdown.

Mums of three, please share your knowledge.  Leave a comment below or pop over to Surviving Life and Motherhood.  If you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, even better, misery loves company…

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    14 thoughts on “How to cope with 3 kids…

    1. Keziah

      Please tell me it gets Easyer I’ve 3 kids the twins are 3 and half boy and girl and my oldest is 5 and half I’ve reached out for help as my boy is very hard work very good for everyone else but kills me. But my husband works and because I’ve ask my parents to taking him for a fue day according to my husband I’m his mother I should get over it plz help any advice be great full

      1. Belle

        He is the Dad, he should sort it out. Mums (or the main carer) have a 24/7 job that you can’t put a value on. It takes 2 to tango and he needs a wake up call saying You’re the mum, get over it. I would wait till he gets home and dump the kids on him and leave for a couple hours. Mums sanity always come’s first. Without it the family will crumble.


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