A note to dads…

By Amy Ransom on October 21, 2015 , 1 Comment

Another night working late, another bedtime missed

The bin’s overflowing, I can’t keep up

With all that everyone needs.

Because whilst you’re away building an empire

Your children are building Lego.

And I think you may have lost sight of your goals

Are you striving to provide or succeed?

Because maybe now’s not the time

To follow your hopes and dreams?

Or maybe you’ll see

Your hopes and dreams

are already in these small people here.

The time will come for both of us

To feel a little freer

For you to carve out the position you crave

And for me to breathe again.

But at this time we both need to be here

As much as we can be

Because if you’re not here then I definitely am

Struggling to breathe.

And I didn’t sign up for that, I’m afraid

Even if this is my ‘job’ now

So please come home

And save those dreams

They’ll still be waiting for you.

But your kids and their years

Are gone in a flash

So please can you come home?

And live by the words you preach so often.

‘Make the most of them whilst they’re young.’

Please share with any dads who need a gentle reminder that there is more to life than work. More over at Surviving Life and Motherhood.

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    One thought on “A note to dads…

    1. Suzanne

      I would say this is applicable to every dad on the planet. No? I think it’s easy for them to lose sight of what life is about. It’s up to us to reign them back in every now and again 😉 I hope this did the trick. xx


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