Look who’s talking…baby’s first words

Godivy is starting to talk. 

Slowly but surely.

And it’s made me fall a little bit more in love with her.

It is fair to say there has always been a bit of a love affair between me and Godivy.  Opposites attract, don’t they?  And so far she’s my polar opposite.  Reckless where I am considered.  Insanely happy where I am more… ahem… temperamental.  Blonde where I am dark.  The blonde hair, in particular, throws me the most.  I feel like someone else must have given birth to her.

And now she is forming words.  And she is redeeming herself for her crazy kamikaze tendencies that result in bloodshed or a significant bruise most weeks.  Let’s not forget the falling down the stairs incident. 

Because in recent months, she has quite honestly driven me a little mad with her meddling and her ability to open doors and drawers that I didn’t even know existed.  Godivy brings a whole new meaning to childproofing.  I would do better to childproof her in an armoured suit than the kitchen cupboards.

But the words?  Well the words change everything.  It doesn’t matter that everything sounds a bit like ‘bool.’  Ball obviously.  ‘Book’ also.  And even ‘apple,’ we realised yesterday after she spent 10 minutes repeating ‘bool’ and pointing at an apple. 

She stands at the stairgate and calls ‘Daddee’ when Daddy Pig comes in from work.  She wags her finger and says, ‘no, no, no, no, no,’ the most used word in our house.  And although she can’t yet say crocodile or dinosaur she does a brilliant, scary impression.  ‘Roaaar.’

And we hang on her every, limited word. 

Beaver, meanwhile, looks at us as though we are bonkers, as we clap and cheer Godivy on.  What she doesn’t realise is that I am mostly clapping because Godivy can only say ‘bool.’

Because I know the day will come when Godivy’s language will be up there with Beaver’s and then I’ll be in double trouble.  There will be two spies watching my every move and reporting back.

‘Mummy said shit today, Daddy.   As she nearly crashed the car.’

‘I didn’t nearly crash the car, actually,’ I tell Daddy Pig.  ‘But I might have said shit.  Accidentally.’

In fact I might have said it so many times last week that Beaver asked me if I could start saying ‘sugar lumps’ instead.

But really, who’s counting?

And anyway, until Godivy progresses from ‘B’s to ‘S’s, it’s Beaver’s word against mine.


Surviving Motherhood Tip#4 – help your baby to talk

  1. Read aloud from a simple picture book.  Godivy loves this Peppa Pig Words book
  2. Babies watch mouths to see how words sound so speak slowly and pronunciate
  3. Choose simple words and repeat until your baby starts to imitate
  4. Babies love gestures.  So join a Sing and Sign class and sign as you talk
  5. Don’t say shit.  A lot.  Unless you’re prepared for that to be your baby’s first word



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    2 thoughts on “Look who’s talking…baby’s first words

    1. Mummymakescakes

      I love listening to first words and seeing how excited they are to be able to communicate (sort of). They do watch everything you do though! Popping over from pocolo


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