The madness of holiday packing

Holidaying as a family. If you didn’t need one before you went, you’ll certainly need one by the time you go. Especially if there are small people in tow.


The preparation and packing needed to transport me, Daddy Pig, Beaver and a very small Godivy to a sunnier climate is quite insane.  It almost makes me want to refuse to be a part of it.  And step aside from the madness.

Godivy is small.  Teeny.  How does she warrant so much stuff?  Surely, she needs little more than a few light dresses and a sunhat, right?  Yet, she is the worst offender of all.  Her nappies alone take up half a case.  Which reminds me, I’ve forgotten to pack wipes.

More stuff.

Good intentions.

When we had kids, we decided we were going to travel lighter than lots of the parents we’d witnessed breaking their backs under bags, gadgets, toys and general junk.  And we haven’t strayed far from this ideal.  But even with the best intentions, these small people still demand a lot of stuff.  We are taking seven bottles of suncream between us.  SEVEN!

On top of that, every year the girls need completely new summer wardrobes.  And because we rarely see so much as a hint of summer in the glorious UK, I am always unprepared and have to start from scratch.  I blame them for the fact that I haven’t so much as a new dress this year.

Because, I’ve left myself until last and now there isn’t time.

The help.

But that’s OK.  Daddy Pig has a new wardrobe.  Beaver and Godivy have new dresses, playsuits, sunhats and several pairs of sandals.

I will trail behind them, probably carrying all the stuff and looking like the au pair.  Not one of the blonde, leggy, swedish variety either.

Daddy Pig thinks I make too much of the holiday preparations, I know.  He senses their acceleration and when I ask him to GET THE SUITCASES out a week beforehand, he knows the climax is nigh.

If he had his way, we would scrabble around the night before wondering where we put them when we got back last time.

If only.

‘All you have to do is throw some pants in a case,’ is his standard response when I ask for the suitcases.

‘No, all YOU have to do is throw some pants in a case.  I have to do just a little bit more than that.  Shopping, packing, toiletries, hand luggage, car parking, currency, catsitters…’

He thinks I’m mad.  I think he’s mad.  But we’re both in such a good mood of holiday anticipation that for once we just coexist in one another’s madness, without so much as a sarcastic comment.

I’m quite tempted to do it though.  Throw some pants in a suitcase and then watch his face as he unpacks.

‘All you have to do is throw some pants in a case,’ I’ll say.

When he asks where all our stuff is.

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    3 thoughts on “The madness of holiday packing

    1. Sam

      It is EXACTLY the same in our house. We’ve just it back but the packing was a nightmare. (I too wrote a post on it!) but a nightmare for me, not Baby B’s dad, who at midnight the night before our 7am flight was asking me where his swim shorts were!!! Very frustrating aren’t they! And as for the amount if stuff, it is quite staggering!! Hope you have a great time! x

    2. Distressed Housewife

      This sounds VERY familiar; everything AND the kitchen sink, especially with tiny ones. I’ve finally come to look at your new blog. It’s only taken me…oh, about six weeks? Sorry. I’m a bit crap like that. It looks fab though and really suits your writing style. I tried to comment on your ‘launch’ post but I missed the boat and ‘comments are now closed’, which is a virtual slap on the hand for me for taking so long 😉 xx


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