The Lonely Mums Summer Club

Worried about the school holidays? Worried about feeling lonely this summer? Worried about what to do with the kids? Then check out The Lonely Mums Summer Club. Come to ours. Or start your own. It costs nothing. But it could be worth everything.

Why I’m starting The Lonely Mums Summer Club.

I have never felt as lonely as I did last year when school and nursery broke for the summer.

I had a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 2 week old. It wasn’t easy to get out with three young kids. And I didn’t always have a reason to. My family weren’t to hand, my middle child got chicken pox. And suddenly we found ourselves housebound. I went from seeing people every day to some days seeing no one.

Even now, the memory of those endless days and those endless weeks makes me feel sad. At times it felt so bleak, I’m not sure I will ever forget the loneliness of the summer of ’14.

And I’m in no doubt that it was a major factor in my PND.

You are NOT alone.

Having spoken to many mums since, I’ve realised that my situation wasn’t unique.

Other mums were lonely too. The summer holidays can feel like an evacuation has taken place, especially if you live in London. People just vanish. They go away on holiday. The term time classes and playgroups that keep you sane close down. You can literally find yourself alone.

If only we’d known that we weren’t.

Why not have a summer club?

On my way to playgroup this morning, I felt a bit low.

It wasn’t just because the three fabulous girls that have been running it for the past few years are leaving for school. It was also the thought of the school holidays looming and losing our Thursday morning routine. Of not having somewhere to go each week where the kids can play and we can chat. Cry. Laugh. Have a cup of tea made for us. And drink it HOT. 

Then I thought, why can’t we still have this? Why can’t we have a club that runs over the summer?

Erm, actually WE CAN.

Start your own.

So we are starting one. In our local park. The Lonely Mums Summer Club. A club that can be run nationwide. Anywhere. By anyone. By you.

A club that requires nothing more than someone (or a few someones) willing to start it. It costs nothing. It takes very little effort. Just set a day and time (picking a day you’d usually attend a playgroup would work well) choose a park, pack snacks and games and spread the word. Amongst your playgroup mums. Your school mums. Your nursery mums. ALL MUMS.

We need this over the summer break. Something regular in the diary. To keep us sane. Because with all the best intentions in the world, you might not get around to texting that other mum to meet up for a coffee. Sometimes, it can feel like too much of an effort. You’ll come up with a million excuses not to call them. Perhaps you don’t know them that well. Perhaps they’ll already be busy.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Spread the word.

Yet if there is a club set up to run EVERY week (come rain or shine), as it does during term time, it takes away the thought process. You just go, don’t you? Because you know there will always be at least one other mum there. Needing that company. I guarantee it.

So please. Let’s spread the word.

Start your own Lonely Mums Summer Club. Download this graphic. Use our example above and an app like A Beautiful Mess or Word Swag to personalise it with your date, time and venue. Then share it on your Facebook page. Your Facebook mum groups. Twitter. Wherever. Invite all the mums you know. Use the hashtag #TheLonelyMumsSummerClub

And let’s be there for each other this summer. Let’s look out for all mums, new and old. Let’s have some fun.

But most of all, let’s stay sane (whatever that is).

Note: This club is not exclusive to mums, obviously. Dads are always welcome too. Especially fit ones. 

Surviving Life and Motherhood will be running a SE London branch of The Lonely Mums Summer Club in association with Pond Road Toddler Group (like our pages for reminders and info). This will take place at the bandstand in Greenwich Park, every Thursday from the 23 July until the 27 August 2015 (inclusive) from 10 AM – 1 PM. Everyone is welcome. Mums. Dads. Babies. Big kids. Your dog. Your gran. The more the merrier! Bring snacks and drinks and just hang out. Chat. Cry. Laugh. Get a HOT cup of tea from the cafe. And stay sane this summer #TheLonelyMumsSummerClub

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