50 reasons being a parent ROCKS

We’ve pretty much established that being a parent is HARD. That there are days where we wonder what the heck we’ve done. And for those days, we might need someone to point out the positives. So here it is. The definitive list of positive, optimistic, clutching at straws reasons why being a parent ROCKS.

  1. Less hangovers. Because there’s less opportunity to go out. Or you’re permanently drunk.
  2. There is always someone who loves you. (Even when someone else is screaming at you)
  3. You care about stuff less.
  4. You can do extraordinary things with just frozen peas, pasta and cheese.
  5. Netflix.
  6. You always have a reason for being late.
  7. You always have a reason for not actually turning up at all.
  8. You get to play with cool stuff like Lego and Sylvanian families.
  9. You get to start sentences with, ‘Can you please just put some pants on so…
  10. You have an excuse to listen to Justin Bieber.
  11. All the coffee.
  12. All the gin.
  13. All the biscuits.
  14. You realise that nothing else really matters. As long as your kids are happy and safe.
  15. You become a world class negotiator.
  16. And multi-tasker.
  17. You can go to cool places that you’re way too old for.
  18. You can lead a simpler life (if you let yourself).
  19. You learn stuff about yourself that you never knew.
  20. Mainly that you are strong and now do far more on much less.
  21. This strength and resilience makes you as tough as a marine.
  22. You get to experience actual unconditional love.
  23. Whilst your kids teach you how to be more compassionate and empathetic.
  24. Pyjamas are always an acceptable daytime outfit.
  25. You cope. No matter what life throws at you.
  26. More gin.
  27. You’re doing a selfless thing, every time you put your kids first.
  28. You’re raising tomorrow’s astronauts, nurses and the next Steve Jobs.
  29. And shaping what the future looks like.
  30. Dry shampoo.
  31. You forget your troubles as soon as a small person nestles their head on your shoulder.
  32. You get to live with Peppa Pig. A belly dancer. And a pirate. (Whilst dressing up yourself.)
  33. You go to kids’ theatre and enjoy it more than your kids.
  34. Eventually you give up caring what other people think.
  35. You lower your expectations of yourself and others.
  36. You give up trying to do things perfectly and realise that no one died.
  37. You’ll probably get a hamster.
  38. The hamster will die.
  39. And you’ll either take this opportunity to tackle ‘death’ or replace it before anyone notices.
  40. Cake.
  41. You’ll make new friends and go through this parenting lark together.
  42. They’ll get what you’re saying before you’ve even said it.
  43. You can explain your way out of ANYTHING.
  44. You get to churn out all the cliches your own parents churned out.
  45. You can start a blog and bore the pants off everyone.
  46. Other people think you’re amazing. Because you are.
  47. You’ll never take sleep for granted, ever again.
  48. You bring back daytime naps. For you. Zzzzzzzzz.
  49. You marvel at these small people you created. Every. Single. Day.
  50. They’re by far your biggest achievement.

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    3 thoughts on “50 reasons being a parent ROCKS

    1. Suzanne

      Number 15 is the thing I EXCEL at. With two teenage girls who have gone from toddlerhood and all the way through, I’m a master. You will be too in the not too distant future 😉


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