Right of reply…

I was delighted to make Netmums Blog of the Week today.  I’ve worked really hard writing my blog for 18 months and it’s nice to get recognised.  Until I realised I might be getting recognised for all the WRONG reasons.

Yes.  It seems that my innocent, tongue in cheek post ‘Don’t have a third child… (unless)’, a response to the post ‘So, do you have a third child?’ has caused a bit of a stir.  With some.  Or many.

Some of the comments on the blog post and the Netmums FB group are pretty brutal.  ‘Her children sound awful’ and ‘she must have post traumatic depression’ are simply unkind.  I stopped reading after that one.

And I wonder if, for some, there may be a misunderstanding of the medium that is blogging.

Blogs are like caricatures.  Well mine is anyway.  It is exaggerated.  It is written in jest.  (I appreciate you may not know this if you’ve never come across my writing before).  It is supposed to be a light-hearted coffee break read that lets another mum know she is not on her own in a world that is so often too chaotic.  Motherhood camaraderie.

Because motherhood is tough.  It is hard.  And it can be lonely.  EVEN when you love your kids.

To those of you who commented identifying with this, I thank you for your support.  It is you that I write for.  To all those who misinterpreted the blog, I’m sorry, no offence was intended.  I’m genuinely pleased if you feel your life is perfect.  But the truth is, it’s not like that for ALL mums ALL of the time. (We still love our kids and wouldn’t change a thing either).

And some days?  Yes, my kids can be pretty challenging.  They’re only 4 months, 2 and 5 years old.

But they’re MY kids.  And I love them.

All 3 of them.

If you’d like to read more of my blog you might like to start with The Fourth Trimester. A positive look at those first few months with a newborn.  Kirsty Allsopp retweeted it.  Or perhaps 10 things every woman should know about Motherhood before they join.  BUT, you will need a sense of humour for that one.  Then come and like Surviving Life and Motherhood on Facebook.  We’d love to have you.

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