What’s worse: sibling rivalry or sibling solidarity?

Everyone wants their kids to get on, right?

Because bickering amongst siblings is probably right up there in the Top 10 Reasons Parents Drink.  That isn’t actually a list by the way.  Although there’s a blog post waiting to happen.

It’s only recently that Beaver and Godivy have driven me to drink.  Let me clarify that.  In the sibling rivalry stakes.  They’ve been driving me to drink for lots of other reasons since day dot.

Until lately, Godivy was too small to really offend.  But now that girl is really starting to assert herself.  And this means only one thing for our house.  Handbags at dawn.  Literally.  If I spend another minute intervening in some squabble about who had whose handbag first, I am going to burn all the handbags.  Simple.  And I have a handbag fetish so this is some sacrifice on my part.

‘Why can’t they just get on?’ I think, like all parents, when they’re snatching, swiping, and shoving.

And then, today they did.  Whilst I was hiding in my room, trying to avoid bathtime.

Now, I’m not so sure which is worse.

Usually, when I hide in my room, I can only get away with it for about 17 seconds before I hear a bang, a cry, Beaver holler ‘Godivy!’ and Godivy scream ‘Mummy!’  Today I managed about 15 minutes.  A personal best indeed.

No, today there were gleeful noises coming from downstairs.  And all I could think was, ‘How lovely that they’re playing nicely together,’ and, ‘How lovely that they’re leaving me alone.’

So I was surprised when I went downstairs to find what I found.  A yoghurt strewn over the floor.  A packet of mini cheddars scattered around, some hidden (badly) back in the cupboard.  But the piece de resistance?  Beaver and Godivy sitting together, tucking into my unopened box of Lindt Lindor chocolates.

For a moment, I was so thrown and delighted by the lovely picture of sibling camaraderie, I almost forget to be cross about the Lindor chocolates.  ALMOST.  But if you’ve ever tasted a Lindt Lindor ball of heaven, you’ll know that your two and four year old eating them like they’re sodding Smarties is the ultimate crime against mothers.

As I tried to get them to confess, all I could get out of them was that they were hungry and wanted a ‘goodnight feast’.  I think they meant a ‘midnight feast’ but I wasn’t about to correct them and introduce them to the idea of eating in the middle of the night.  Everyone knows you never feed Gremlins after midnight.

So I dished out a suitable punishment and as they took it on the chin, I saw it.  Sibling solidarity.  Two girls who have each other’s backs.  Two girls who don’t care a hoot what their Mum says.

Which, let’s face it, only spells big, big trouble for me.

What’s your best tale of sibling rivalry and sibling solidarity?  Which do you think is worse?  Leave a lovely comment below, if only to tell me what you think of Lindt’s Lindor chocolates…

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