Stuck in a rut… for eternity?

How was your weekend?

I approached mine with the same excitement I always do.  That feeling of the week drawing to a close, a bit of down time, a break in the routine, a few glasses of wine (Daddy Pig has just said I write about wine far too much.  Sorry everyone).

On Friday nights, I convince myself that the weekend is mine for the taking.  That anything can happen.  I feel incredibly optimistic.  I clearly forget I have children and responsibilities when I have these grand thoughts.

By Saturday lunchtime, that bubble has burst and a deja vu feeling hits me.  The swimming lessons.  The family lunch I insist upon, which Beaver defines by its lack of TV.  Didn’t we do exactly the same thing last weekend?  

Saturday afternoons can be the low point in our weekend.  Unless there’s some sport on, Daddy Pig is probably doing a job.  Something dull like putting a light up.  This means that I am looking after Beaver and Godivy.

We quite often drift into ‘slots’ where one of us looks after the girls so the other can do something else.  It doesn’t feel very ‘family weekend’ like but if we don’t do it, nothing will get done.  Ever again.  If I’m on kid duty, by 4.30 PM I’m thinking about having a G&T just to perk things up a bit.

I can’t work out if this is just a side effect of having young children or whether we are actually stuck in a bit of a rut and should make a bit more effort.  But the very thought is exhausting.

What to do?  Well, the Stereophonics and The Darkness have some helpful suggestions for those of us stuck in a rut.  Although I do wonder, if even Rock Stars feel it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The Phonics say, ‘You’re stuck in a rut and your life is forgotten and staying will set your soul on fire.’  Oh good.  The Darkness are similarly constructive, ‘Kiss my arse, kiss my arse goodbye… No more to rot in this sty… Stuck in a rut for eternity.’

I ponder both options.  Whilst I’m not particularly keen on setting my soul on fire, if I tell Daddy Pig to ‘kiss my arse’ whilst running for the hills, I have a feeling he will stop me.

So I guess I’ll just have to sit it out then.  Oh well, there’s always next weekend.  And it’s a long one.

It’s bound to be different.


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