The Bald and the Beautiful

I’m delighted to have the wonderful Jen Beachey guest blogging for me as I lounge around on holiday, reading books and drinking Rose whilst attending lovingly to my children.  Jen doesn’t yet have her own blog, which is utter madness because she’s hilarious.  So I suggested she start with mine.  Here she talks about a current obsession of mine.  Hair. 

When I used to hear my Mother saying ‘you kids make me pull my hair out’ it was always a bit odd. She had beautiful thick long auburn hair. Clearly we couldn’t have been that bad as from memory all her hair was there.

But since having kids of my own I have noticed a global epidemic of us modern mums who as soon as we’ve risen from the fog of sleep deprivation, sore boobs and unmentionably sore bits and feel like we’ve got our life together, our hair starts falling out.

It’s not like you go to sleep like Rapunzel and wake up as Sinead O’Connor.  But the shower hair spiders are becoming more like tarantulas and your hair brush is starting to look like ‘Thing’ and giving you middle parting style advice.  It’s terrifying.

As I’m getting older I’m rebelling against the stereo type of new mum = practical hairstyle.  None of my girlfriends have gone down the path of head shaving to save ten minutes of sleep in the mornings (although I am sure the thought has crossed their mind). The GI Jane look would be practical although slightly severe.  So instead I went down the long hair, tie back option. Which is when I noticed how much less I had I play with.

The once long thick ‘pony tail’ was looking more like a thin meerkat tail. On inspection I think I wore the same expression as the Meerkat too. I took myself straight to my hairdresser who made the same sounds as a plumber when you ask them how much it will cost to stop Niagra falls from your kitchen sink.

‘What does that mean?’ I panicked.

She asked me whether I had been through any stressful situations recently and if I had a balanced diet.  I am not sure whether covering the whole spectrum of green and blacks mini chocolates is balanced (as I really don’t favour any one more than another), or discovering that a coffee in the morning is much more effective on an empty stomach after a night of five return trips from the kids room.  So I obviously lied and said no and yes. She said that the fluffy bits on the side of my head that I usually attack with the hair straighteners is new regrowth (good news) but that the loss of hair is a usual process that women go through and will not stop (very bad news).

On further investigation, I visited a million chat rooms to find some solutions.

I have checked out styles for 2013 and can confidently advise that in the Southern Hemisphere graduated bobs, long and short are still very ‘in’ as is impish/pixie dos. The good news about bobs (yes more good news) is the style-perts say that it is a style that suits all face shapes. The emphasis on the cheekbones will suit round faces and jaw skimming bobs elongate the face too. I’m all over it.

For thicker looking hair, go for a few highlights (not the Geri Halliwell variety as you know where they’ll get you). Subtle subtle subtle.

If you want to try one out check out a faux bob online. You’ll be amazed. With a few bobbi pins and a hair tie you too can have one. Personally when I tried it I looked more like Widow Swanky but online she looks impressive.

Failing all that, just think if it keeps falling out we can look forward to a whole array of wigs and endless styles.

Or simply rock the Sinead O’Connor look.


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    2 thoughts on “The Bald and the Beautiful

    1. Michelle

      Great blog Jen! Glad to see in not alone on the hair front! I used to have lovely shiny hair – one of my best assets in fact – that’s all changed now. It’s seems to sports a slightly frizzy look if I do not slap on some anti frizz stuff and as for the stray pubic like grey hairs that keep randomly appearing … What’s that all about!? I have super straight hair but the greys arrive with a few twists and turns and shoot straight up on the air!

      Anyway….. Thinking a bob and some smother that grey hair dye today. Sounds like the way forward 🙂

    2. Fiona McPherson

      Wooohoooo Jen! Spoken as if I was sitting there sharing that empty stomach first coffee in the morning with you . Xx
      You can get some vitamins called “hair & nails” – they are not made from hair And nails but I started taking them and it put a stop to the extra malting.
      Xxxxx happy blogging


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