The Holiday – Part One

Before I begin, I should say that this is The Holiday  featuring me, Daddy Pig, Beaver and Godivy.  Not the one starring Jude Law and Cameron

Although it’s almost as glamorous.  Almost.  But not quite.  Or anywhere near actually.

After two weeks of packing, seven bottles of suncream, a suitcase weight limit crisis on the morning of travel and a 3 hour delay, we made it to the Aegean Sea.  Turkey to you and me.

It was 2.00 AM when we arrived.  And pitch black.  We could have been anywhere.  But it wasn’t too dark to see that we’d been given a room right by the lift with a dreadful view.

‘We’ll change rooms tomorrow,’ I said to Daddy Pig.  I don’t care what he says, I know Daddy Pig enjoys the room-changing antics.  It’s all part of the holiday fun.  Like getting the suitcases out.

On the first day I doubted we’d survive two weeks together let alone have a holiday as we played tag teams trying to put sun cream on the girls and took turns fielding Godivy from the many perils that awaited her.  Turkey is not big on health and safety.  Godivy is not big on health and safety either.  So they are a pretty dreadful combination.  My mum’s parting words rang in my ears, ‘Good luck.  You’re going to need it.’

But once we’d found our holiday groove (by which I mean the bar), we got into the swing of things.  We breakfasted (late), swam, sunbathed, ate, drank sunset beers and sunk G&Ts between kids’ discos and theatre shows.  We even managed an adult disco one night.

Beaver made friends and became a regular fixture in the Watersports Hut with the ‘Boat People,’ as she named them.  Godivy was a minor celebrity amongst the Turkish and I’m pretty sure we could have sold her several times over for a few Lira or at least charged for the photos people took of her.  Even though I’m still not sure why people want pictures of a baby they don’t know?

I had a birthday massage.  Against my better judgement.  And I did relax, despite the bruise-inducing pummelling and pan pipe version of I just called to say I love you.  The hotel gave me a lovely birthday t-shirt.  It is white with bright orange writing and says ‘Club Letoonia’ on the front and ‘Happy Birthday’ on the back.  So, I imagine I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of that.  I have it on today, in fact.

Beaver got her first ever tummy upset whilst Daddy Pig and I took turns trying to discreetly deal with Godivy’s indiscretions by the pool.  Think of the dog on the beach in Marley and Me and you’ll get my driftI tell you, the environment owes us a BIG one for using a reusable swim nappy.

It was no surprise really that their digestive systems were up the spout.  With Beaver existing on a diet of porridge, meatballs, plain pasta and an ice cream, carefully negotiated by me, in exchange for eating one piece of cucumber.  Whilst Godivy was on the reverse Atkins diet.  Carbs for breakfast, carbs for lunch and carbs for dinner.  She’s definitely carrying a little post-holiday weight.

And even though it probably doesn’t sound like it, it really felt like a holiday.  Much better than I’d envisioned it could be with an 18 month old and nearly four year old in tow.  The first week flew by and we unwound.

The second week…?  Well, we began to unravel…

COMING UP IN PART TWO: hitting the holiday wall, an unexpected compliment, the boat trip and saying goodbye…


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