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By Amy Ransom on November 15, 2014 , 1 Comment

Thank goodness I had a third child. My education continues. Not only had I not heard of the fourth trimester but now I discover the ‘Wonder Weeks.’ Finally. A reason why your baby won’t do what you want, other than ‘growth spurts’ and ‘teething.’ Here’s what you need to know.

What’s so wonderful about the Wonder Weeks?

So far, not much.

An unpredictable baby. Who was doing what I asked. And now isn’t. A baby who was sleeping well. And now isn’t. A baby who was feeding contentedly. And now isn’t.

I was told to try formula, in case he’s hungry. But I’m not quite there yet. (I am the girl who once roasted a chicken just to get the stock for weaning. WTF? The irony that mere years later I’m giving the girls iced biscuits shaped like Minions is not lost on me. I should just get over myself).

But now I discover there may be another explanation. One that isn’t to do with milk production, growth spurts or teething. Hurrah! I mean, how many times can you really say, ‘it must be teeth…’ when there are a full set of gnashers staring back at you?

Yes folks. It appears we are in the midst of a Wonder Week.

And thankfully there’s a whole wonderful website devoted to this phenomenon, The Wonder Weeks, with a book, an app and reminders.

I have to say, if I’d written the book it would have had just one chapter. That I’d make ALL babies read.

‘The wonder of sleep.’

Why oh why oh why?

You were trotting along quite nicely. The baby was sleeping (sort of). You were functioning (sort of). Then it’s as if your Gizmo has turned into a Gremlin. Enter anxiety. Doubt. Sheer panic. As you wonder what the hell is up with your baby.

Well, now you can relax. Because the Wonder Weeks are here to explain (almost) everything.

You see, the Wonder Weeks are ‘mental leaps’ where our babies change, develop and master new skills.

Think sensations, vision and movement rather than pottery, French and origami.

‘How will I know?’

You’ll know. Trust me.

But if you’re in any doubt, look out for these three signs. Authors of The Wonder Weeks call them the three C’s. Clinginess. Crankiness. Crying.

And that’s just us mums.

They usually appear around the same time for each baby.  And there are 10 in the first 20 months. At 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, 55, 64 and 75 weeks.

Download The Wonder Weeks app from the App Store and they’ll even save you the guess work by letting you know when one is approaching. So you can cancel everything in your diary, order in a truck load of gin and chocolate and devote a week to being surgically attached to your fractious baby.

And just in case I am in any doubt that this is really the problem. Guess how old the Boy with No Name is TODAY? 19 weeks.

I suppose I should at least be grateful that he is bang on schedule with his meltdown.

‘One small step for man…’

Yes, at 19 weeks The Boy with No Name is on his fourth mental leap and apparently experiencing ‘The World of Events.’

Again this sounds grander than it actually is. It doesn’t mean he’s interested in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. More likely grasping things, grumbling when he’s impatient and pushing away when he’s had enough milk.

The app says I can encourage him by helping him to roll over, letting him be naked and playing games like, ‘Where’s your nose?’

Sounds like just another evening in with Daddy Pig.

The fact that neither of my girls seem to have ever been bothered by Wonder Weeks? Well, it would explain a lot.

This child is clearly going to be a genius.

Make it stop! (it does, eventually)

Mental leaps last anything from a few days to a week.  In fact, my Wonder Week app tells me I have five days until the end of this one. Phew.

So it would seem that, in the meantime, I’m going to need to take my own mental leap. A leap of faith. Just to make it through.

Either that. Or a litre of gin.

Please spread the word about the Wonder Weeks and share this post with other mums. If only so we can have an excuse aside from ‘must be teething…’ I mean, doesn’t ‘Oh he’s having a Wonder Week’ sound so much more impressive. If you like this post come and join us at Surviving Life and Motherhood. We have gin.

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