Thinking of Matilda Mae

Earlier tonight, I was sitting on the sofa pondering my Thursday blog.

Should I write about guilt trips or blogger’s block?  Yawn.  Or the awful post-coital scene with older actors on Neighbours this evening.  Slightly more interesting.  But actually quite offensive.

Uninspired and to avoid blogging, lovely twitter friend and I ended up tweeting each other about ironing.  Yes, ironing.  Her mountain of it.  My inability to do it.  How I am so crap that Daddy Pig chooses to iron his shirts himself.

But, I digress.

It was whilst I was on Twitter that I saw the many, many memorial messages coming through for Matilda Mae, a little baby girl who died in her sleep at exactly 9 months old.  Today would have been her first birthday.  The lovely blogging community have united to support the family of Matilda Mae and today people are dedicating posts in her memory.

So, tonight instead of reading 500 words of my irrelevant waffle, I’d like to ask you to instead take the time to read the beautiful, heartbreaking post Matilda Mae’s mum wrote yesterday.

Happy Birthday Matilda Mae.  And God bless.

Please hold her in your hearts this evening.

And be ever so thankful for all that you have.

matildaThere will be an auction to raise money for The Lullaby Trust in Matilda’s name and memory. For more details please visit Edspire and Ghostwritermummy.  The auction will be running from the 11th-20th May.




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    6 thoughts on “Thinking of Matilda Mae

    1. Coombemill

      I’m delighted you saw all the tweets and have joined the blog hop started by Suzanne. It has been an emotional day for many but nothing compared to Jennie and the family.

      1. Amy RansomAmy Ransom Post author

        Please give them all our love. It is so lovely they have been able to say goodbye in such a peaceful retreat. I think it is incredible how people have come together for Matilda and I just wanted to show my support. Us mothers are one.

    2. jennie

      Thank you so much for linking up for Baby Tilda’s birthday. We had a wonderful day and made memories to treasure for always. I will also reread these blog posts every year so thank you so much for writing one of them. Thank you with all my heart x


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