7 truths about having 3 kids

Almost four weeks into having three kids, I feel sufficiently qualified to share with you what I’ve learned.  In other words, not qualified at all.  But here goes anyway…

7 truths about having 3 kids

1.  The secret to managing three kids is ensuring you only ever have two in your care at any one time.  I’m fully aware of the irony of this statement.

2.  If you’re forced, by some emergency, to go shopping with three kids, you’re limited to shops that have a forecourt.  Unpacking them all and entering the shop is NOT an option.

3.  You will never argue with your spouse again.  Never.  Just in case he thinks ‘sod this’ and walks out and leaves you.  With a ratio of 1:3.

4.  You can nap immediately BEFORE you actually go to bed.  And you will.  Every sodding night.

5.  Your older kids will run rings around you.  For the rest of time.  They will eat forbidden foods like Coco Pops for breakfast.  They will sniff out your weaknesses and exploit them at every opportunity.  And you’ll be powerless to stop them.  Because you’ll probably be asleep somewhere.

6.  You will never care about anything like you used to.  Ever again.  Getting through the day is as good as it gets.

7.  You’re not alone.  There are a whole host of wonderful mums of three out there who will give you hope, advice and wine… you can read their hilarious truths about having three here.

The French do it.  So do the Italians.  Close down for the whole of August, that is.  And they’re a lovely, civilised bunch.  So I’ve decided to follow suit.  And take the blog on holiday.  Unfortunately for me, I won’t be wearing bikinis and hanging off the back of a yacht…more likely hiding from my kids in a darkened room.  I’ll still be posting on the Facebook page so do check in.  Otherwise, have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you back here in September…


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