Before I became a parent…

By Amy Ransom on March 20, 2017 , 1 Comment

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, eh? Here’s 8 things I’ve changed my mind about since having kids.

Before I became a parent…

1. I never thought I would want to eat lunch at 12.00 PM. Most days I’m thinking about it at 10.30 AM. Oh who am I kidding? I’m eating it. OK? I’m having a full on lunch at 10.30 AM.

2. I wondered why parents looked so frazzled and found it so hard to manage their kids.My kids will NEVER be like that.‘ And they’re totally not. They’re worse.

3. I was impatient. I think I still am. However, the fact I watch my children take an average of 37 minutes to put on their shoes (at least twice a day), suggests I’m probably not.

4. I thought bedtime would be beautiful. The smell of a clean child. The serenity. Now I mostly just wish for a giant meteor to strike earth so I don’t have to do bedtime. Ever again. Until I realise that my three kids ARE the giant meteor. And I’m living at the very bottom of the huge crater they’ve left behind.

5. I made decisions carefully. Now I just choose the path of least resistance. That’s paved with coffee or gin.

6. I never realised how quiet silence actually was. When my kids are out, it’s like I’ve gone deaf.

7. I didn’t appreciate the true value of personal space. Or the sensation of not being touched, licked, stared at ALL of the time.

8. I didn’t know what it was like to love another with every core of my being. Whilst also often being ever so slightly irritated by them and missing all the personal space. Haha.

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    One thought on “Before I became a parent…

    1. Glass Bottle Mom

      One thing that I have learnt is that I have an infinite amount of patience. My kids made me learn this a hard way but I am better off. I am now much more understanding of situations.


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