How to potty train a boy*

* Warning: This post contains absolutely no advice of any value. But it may at least make you vow never to potty train your own.

How I got a book deal

I’ve been asked quite a lot how I got a book deal. Did I approach them? Did they find me? So I thought I’d share exactly how it happened.

Dear New Mum, I see you…

A little insight from an ‘old’ mum to a new one. I hope it helps you when you feel like you’re drowning in those demanding early years.

Can we think ourselves happy?

This post is for anyone who’s tired of seeing the hardships before the good. Of struggling with fluctuating moods or a persistent level of anxiety. This post may just help you to feel happy, every day.

By Amy Ransom on April 11, 2017 , 1 Comment

Kids and money.

Contrary to the title, this isn’t a post about selling your kids and how much you can get for them. It’s about their relationship with money.