Funny s*** new mums do.

If you’re a first time mum, I hope this helps you chill out a bit. Because there are some things you really don’t need to do. Like ever.

By Amy Ransom on January 17, 2017 , 1 Comment

Welcome to the zoo…

I always find it ironic how much I like going to the zoo. Seeing as I pretty much live in one most days. Here’s our review of London Zoo, the oldest in the world.

The monster in our heads

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are hideous and scary. And even when you think you’ve recovered, relapses can happen.

A new beginning…

The end of a marriage is unchartered waters. Relief. Disappointment. Empowerment. Failure. Even when you knew it had to end.

You. Just as YOU are.

The feeling of wanting to fit in never really goes away. It’s the thing that leads us to compare ourselves and lose faith in who we are.