Girls on tour…with cake

If you LOVE London. LOVE afternoon tea. And LOVE cake. There’s only one trip you need on your list this summer (autumn, winter or spring). The B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. The first of its kind in our fabulous capital. I took my cake-obsessed seven year old who literally couldn’t believe her eyes. Bring on the cake coma!

Let them eat cake!

My daughter once sat on the toilet when my friend was babysitting, and told her the 100 different varieties of cake she liked. You could say Beaver’s partial to a bit of cake. As am I.


So when we were invited to board Covent Garden’s very own B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, on National Afternoon Tea week no less, we were there. With bells on.

I just wish I’d also worn my stretchy pants. (Of the trouser variety, I mean.)

A feast for the eyes.

Beaver’s eyes almost popped out when she boarded the bus.

FullSizeRender (13)

The afternoon tea takes place on a proper 1960s red double decker bus. With very attentive waiting staff who also tell you everything you didn’t know about London. The tables are laid out beautifully with all the cake you can possibly eat. Not to mention mini sandwiches, smoked salmon blinis and mini quiches. Fresh orange juice. A choice of teas, coffees and hot chocolates. Then, if your stretchy pants allow, they come around with scones and clotted cream. Before you fully succumb to the cake coma.


But let’s talk about the cake again, shall we? Because THIS is what B Bakery excels at. That mini chocolate sponge cake may have been the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. EVER. That lemon curd meringue cake? Complete and utter zesty heaven.

And believe me. With three pregnancies under my belt? I’ve eaten some cake in my time.

Seeing is believing.

This is by far the most indulgent way to see the sights of London too.

Downing Street. The Mall. Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament. Hyde Park. The ridiculous affluence of Knightsbridge and Mayfair (it’s the first time I’ve seen an actual silver plated mercedes).


You could set your watch by it…


FullSizeRender (16)

Those infamous green canopies

It’s a sensory experience for the eyes and the palate.


And when the tour comes to an end some 90 minutes later and you actually have to leave, you get to keep your stylish and beautifully illustrated (and handy reusable and dishwasher proof) coffee cup and relive the experience again and again whilst looking at your gorgeous souvenir booklet.

It’s proper cake porn.

Some handy tips.

  1. There’s no need to get there super early and be all British and queue for the best table (‘PHEW!’ I hear you say, if you’re a bit of a late bird, like me). You choose your table when you book and our bus arrived just in time for departure.
  2. The food is epic and there’s TONS of it. So I personally wouldn’t eat ANYTHING beforehand. Maybe do a NIL BY MOUTH the night before, in fact. I’d even have forgone my morning flat white, had I known, as they have so many amazing teas and coffees on board. Trust me. You’ll need all the room you can find before you fall into that fabulous cake coma.
  3. The bus isn’t licensed but for £5 corkage per bottle you can take your own bubbles (or gin) on board. I didn’t because, well it was a Monday and I have rules HAHAHA, but if I was with the girls I totally would have done. Next time…
  4. Don’t forget the stretchy pants.

IMG_3936If you’d like to experience the B Bakery Afternoon Bus Tour for yourself, you can book tickets here. From £35 for children and £45 for adults. Children must be 6 and over. There are daily departures from 8 Northumberland Avenue (by Trafalgar Square) at 12.30 and 15.00. And at 12.00, 14.30 and 17.00 from Victoria Coach Station. They book up quickly and in advance so if you have a particular date in mind, don’t delay! They do special Christmas packages and you can also hire out the whole bus, just for you! They do boat tours too. The list goes on… Huge thanks to B Bakery for having us. Can you tell we enjoyed it? As always, all opinions my own. More of me over on Facebook and Instagram.


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