Top 5 beauty products for busy mums

Last week, I introduced the new beauty page on the blog, where I promise to share my miracle skincare and beauty products. Because it’s easy to neglect ourselves in the haze of serving up Weetabix and losing our keys. And I know only too well that a beauty regime isn’t top of any mum’s list.

So here are 5 products that have changed my life (and my skin). A combination of prevention (blooming good skincare) and cure (quick and easy make-up. Hurrah to that).

1. Aurelia Night Oil


Why I love it: If you’ve never tried a night oil before, let me just say this. Once you have, you’ll never go back. This doesn’t make your skin greasy or oily, like people imagine. It makes it glow, look younger and more hydrated (i.e less dry, wrinkly and worn out). It also smells absolutely AMAZING and promotes sleep. (Almost as well as a day spent with two toddlers.) Plus if you’re lazy, like me, and so knackered by bedtime that you occasionally (often) wash your face with a baby wipe (ahem), applying a night oil is a quick and efficient way to do something good for your skin, when it benefits from it most.

How to apply: At bedtime, apply two drops to the palm of your hand, pat your hands together, inhale the amazing fragrance then press into your face.

The ‘jargon’ bit: Aurelia is a relatively young, luxury, multi award winning skincare range that holds a prime spot in Liberty’s beauty hall. Its ethos is pro-biotic, antioxidant skincare and my, does it deliver. This night oil is a blend of Kalahari oil (essential fatty acids), Mongongo oil (to regenerate the epidermis), Kigelia (to firm and tone), Baobab (Omega 3, 6 & 9) and Hibiscus (powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals). It’s fragranced with a floral blend of Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin.

Click here to buy for £45.00.

2. S5 Purity Serum

S5Why I love it: I’ve never understood serums. Until now. Aren’t they just posh moisturisers, I thought? Erm, no. This ‘Purity’ serum is for blemish prone skin, which so many of us suffer with thanks to all the hormonal surges in our 30s and beyond. (We can blame the kids for this too.) It’s concentrated and thick in consistency and you can feel the benefits as you’re putting it on. I’ve only been using this for about two weeks and I’ve already noticed a difference and a stubborn spot I had for nearly two months has almost gone. If you think you haven’t got time to mess about with a serum, think again. It takes less than 30 seconds to apply and if you have clearer skin, well that means less time messing about with make-up, right?

How to apply: In the morning, put a drop on forehead, cheeks and chin straight and blend into skin gently (don’t rub) before applying moisturiser (it dries super quick). But you can mix it with moisturiser, if you prefer.

The ‘jargon’ bit: The S5 serum is the first to come via organic ingredients and the plant extracts are sourced from extreme environments, like the Arctic, Antarctic and Chilean Andes, where the plants have to work really hard to survive. It contains rainforest bioactives to reduce the appearance of blemishes by 43%, alpine bioactives to reduce oil production by 55% and the appearance of pores by 18%, and salicylic acid from willow bark to increase cell turnover and boost cellular renewal. There are three other serums available in the range for wrinkles, sensitive/redness and hyper-pigmentation.

Click here to buy for £44.00.

3. New CID i-Tint Tinted Moisturiser


Why I love it: Quite simply, it’s the best coverage I’ve ever had from a tinted moisturiser. It actually moisturises (so many don’t). It makes skin GLOW. And it smells amazing. Plus, did you SEE the cool packaging? This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a foundation or is a bit scared of make-up. You can slap it on before the school run in less than 30 seconds and you don’t even need a mirror. Oh and it’s SPF15. I use the medium shade, which seems to suit most people. I would suggest light only if you have pale skin or medium dark only if you’re olive skinned.

How to apply: Put a couple of pumps on your fingertips and share between forehead, cheeks, nose and chin then blend as you would a moisturiser.

The ‘jargon’ bit: Part of a make-up ranged designed to bring functionality and simplicity to beauty for women who want to feel good about themselves. Gives skin a glow from within while nourishing and protecting with a sun protection factor of 15.

Click here to buy for £26.00.

4. Wild About Beauty Nutrilash Mascara

mascaraWhy I love it: My friend’s mum says that if you only do one thing when you leave the house, you should put on mascara. It really opens the eyes up and gives them definition. I’ve tried a lot of mascaras and this is probably the most effective for actually separating lashes and adding length. Plus it conditions at the same time and I really like that.

How to apply: Build up in thin layers on the top lashes and then a light coating of the bottom lashes.

The ‘jargon’ bit: A conditioning mascara which promotes stronger, thicker lashes while adding buildable volume and definition. Part of Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob’s natural, paraben free make-up range for women who haven’t got time to sit at a dressing table all day.

Click here to buy for £18.00.

5. Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Balm – Rosaria


Why I love it: Unlike lots of colour lip balms I’ve tried, this one actually keeps your lips moist rather than drying them out. You can build up the colour to make it as strong as you like and it lasts really well. Plus it’s got a great gloss finish without being sticky. It’s quite incredible how different having some colour on your lips can make you feel. I really like the depth of the Rosaria shade but if you prefer something more subtle you’ll like Lorella. Just make sure you keep this out of reach of little girl hands!

How to apply: Pat onto dry lips as often as you like.

The ‘jargon’ bit: A super rich, petroleum-free lip balm with a subtle hint of colour and a natural glossy finish. Also available in shades Camelia, Hannah and Lorella.

Click here to buy for £14.00

I’m a stylist for My Showcase, which sells all of the products above. I do make a small commission from the sale of each product, however I only recommend those products I actually use. Try. Love. Worship.

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