‘Breastvest is best’

By Amy Ransom on October 28, 2014 , 1 Comment

On the whole, breastfeeding works for us.  But the one thing that gets me every time is having to choose tops by accessibility.  Yawn.  The options are either a boring and unfashionable nursing top or a top you love and think is accessible until you wrestle with it in public whilst your nipple winks at every man and his dog.  That is until I found the Breastvest.  Or it found me.

‘Makes any top a breastfeeding top.’

This is what the Breastvest promises to do.

It’s a grand statement.  And I have to admit I was suspicious.  I mean, what sort of strange gimmick could possibly do this?  Really?

And, more crucially, how long is it going to take to put it on?

Because I’m already spending eight hours a day trying to fathom the blooming baby sling.

‘It’s a vest.  Plain and simple.’

I was overjoyed when I opened the packet and found a plain black vest.  And a lovely, soft one at that.

00000849It looks exactly like every other black vest I own.  Until I tried it on and discovered that the front is cut away so the vest actually starts under your bra line, leaving your boobs free and easy whilst covering that post-natal tummy.  It also has adjustable straps.  Then you wear your favourite, non-nursing top over it, which lifts up easily to feed, unclip your nursing bra and you’re ready to go.  No fidgeting around trying to pull down a vest top that is very happy where it is, thank you very much.

Yes folks.  It’s THAT simple.

There’s only one thing to remember.  And they’re careful to remind you.  Wear it WITH a nursing bra.

So you don’t lift up your top and have TWO nipples winking at every man and his dog.


Since trying the Breastvest, I haven’t stopped wearing it.  Thankfully, it washes up really well.  Not a bobble in sight.  And this is another big thumbs up for the Breastvest.  Because, as my mum will tell you, I’m crap at washing.

It’s such a simple concept but so effective.  And it’s given me back my freedom.  Freedom to get dressed in a frivolous manner, without first taking out a risk assessment.

There’s obviously going to be a day when I’m so sleep deprived or rushed that I DO forget to put on a nursing bra.

But if freedom must come with a price, that’s one I’m willing to pay.

I was sent this item for review but all thoughts are my very own.  If you’d like to order a Breastvest (and why on earth wouldn’t you?), click here.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colours and costs just £15.00 to enable you to wear your ‘normal’ wardrobe again.  Hooray!  

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