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Since Beaver graffitied the name of her first love ALL over her and Godivy’s bedroom (I’m talking walls, duvet, curtains…) I’ve been forced into thinking about redecorating. What better excuse to spend even more time on my phone, looking for inspiration and girls’ bedroom ideas? Still, I’m doing it for the kids, right?

Beaver and Godivy have been sharing a room for about six months now, so that The Boy with No Name has at least 12 hours of personal space a day. Ok, he may be asleep, but at least he can do it peacefully without fear of waking up dressed in tiaras or sprinkled in glitter.

Fortunately, both my girls are currently firmly Team Pink. And although I suspect Beaver may start to move away from this in the next couple of years, I’m pretty sure (hopeful) that we’re still a good 8 or 9 years away from painting the walls black and adorning the walls with posters (mums of teenage girls, now tell me this starts when they hit 10).

The girls are desperate for bunkbeds and aside from the thought of yet another bedtime battle, about who gets to go on top, I’m tempted. If only so that they have a bit more room and we have just one bed to store a whole load of plastic junk under. With that in mind, I’ve found these girls’ bedroom ideas (actually a couple of them would work well for boys too).

Girls’ (and boys’) bedroom ideas

Dormitorio infantil : Minimalist nursery/kids room by A! Emotional living & work
Love the simplicity of this. How squishy do those mattresses look? Brilliantly clever storage in the form of under bed drawers and the built in shelves. Not sure it would look quite as stylish once Hello Kitty has made her mark but one can dream… (and I can tidy when they’re at school.)

Eclectic style nursery/kids room by ?????????? ??????? Welcome Studio

I think my girls would probably wet themselves if I showed them this and said, ‘Hey, what do you think of your new bed?’ An actual tree house bed? would sleep in this, forget about them. Imagine the bedtime arguments though… no one is going to want to go on the bottom, are they?

KIDS TREEHOUSE BEDROOM BUNKBED in White : Beds & cribs by Cuckooland
Another tree house bunk bed. Even lovelier in white. Positioned in a very cool loft style apartment, which obviously we ourselves inhabit. And keep this tidy. Ahem.

’Yellow-Pink’ Girl’s bedroom/study furniture set by Clever : Beds & cribs by My Italian Living

If we ever decide to give up our teeny tiny office/dressing room and give all three kids their own bedroom (doubtful, very doubtful), this would be a fabulous room for a tween/teenage Beaver. Love the built-in storage, bedside table and desk. I would have loved something like this when I was a child. Alternatively, we could have something like this now and just put Godivy in the wardrobe?

Cool stuff for bedrooms

EC HOUSE : Modern nursery/kids room by Esra Kazmirci Mimarlik

Such a cool sign. I want one for my bedroom. Now that Beaver can read. Every parent should have one, in fact. And hang it around their neck, pointing to it every time their child says, ‘Mummmmeeeeee!’

Inspiration : Modern nursery/kids room by Korbo

Love these bins. What a great way to tidy all the stuff away, and make it a design feature.

Girls’ Bedroom : Modern nursery/kids room by Room Service UK

Our books never seem to stay upright in their bookcase so I like the idea of something more flexible where the books aren’t supposed to look neat and tidy. Also useful for different sized books and those huge ones that never seem to fit anywhere. And it looks awesome.

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