Travelling light with the Cosmolite

Before I became a parent, I vowed that I would NEVER become one of those families that travels with everything but the kitchen sink. Once we had three kids, I became even more adamant about that. Keeping track of them is enough. I can’t be doing with looking after ALL the stuff too.

When I grow up…

I’m not a proper grown up by a long stretch.

I don’t have a bathroom bin. Or a pinboard. I don’t own a set of matching luggage. No, I own ONE suitcase and a few stray, tired (probably mouldy) holdalls. I still call my mum and dad up a week before we go away and ask to borrow their ancient suitcases.

Oh the shame.

One suitcase for a whole family?

But this year for our summer holiday to Club Letoonia, I couldn’t be doing with the array of random bags. I just wanted one suitcase that could hold the lot. Did it exist? Could we possibly travel with one suitcase?

I had no idea. So I asked someone who would. The King of luggage, Samsonite. And they kindly offered to loan me their amazing, light as a feather and more than a bit bling, Cosmolite.


Travelling (Cosmo) light.

Which, it turned out, is so big, we could actually have fit the three kids in it, chucked them in the hold and enjoyed a peaceful G&T fuelled flight.

(Sales of Cosmolites rocket as parents discover this travel hack.)

It’s a revolutionary suitcase.

Without anything in it, it weighs less than my handbag. WAY LESS. So you don’t waste any of your weight limit on the suitcase itself.

With clothes and shoes in it for one adult and three kids it weighed a lot more. Obviously. But fully packed (and we had the biggest size at 86 cm), ours was still only 2 KG over the health and safety limit (so we stuffed a few bits in Daddy Pig’s ‘random’ holdall).

The Cosmolite has a perfect turning circle so you don’t have to mess around with a trolley at the airport, unless you have kids who insist on getting one because they’re too lazy to walk. Ahem.


Our TOTAL luggage for a family of five.

It has amazing inside compartments – one with a strap and one with a complete zipped section so you can separate your wedges from their Peppa Pig. Essential.


Makes packing a breeze.

It makes travelling en famille easy. So easy, in fact, that with just one suitcase to keep track of, there’s absolutely NO excuse for losing one of your kids at the airport.

No excuse at all.

Thank you Samsonite for the loan. My mum and dad’s suitcases are never going to cut it again. The Cosmolite starts at £279, comes with a 10 year guarantee and is available in five sizes and six colours from Samsonite’s website. All opinions my own. More of me over on Facebook and Instagram.

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