10 reasons being back from holiday sucks

It’s been 6 days since we returned from Club Letoonia and to say I’m battling the holiday blues would be an understatement. I mean, I’m still counting how many days it is since we were there. Not a good sign. Here’s 10 reasons that being back from holiday sucks.

1. Wearing actual clothes. Holiday attire is pretty straightforward. Bikini/swimsuit during the day. Easy summer dress at night. Basically you can pretty much eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the equivalent of your pants. If you want. Back home? All the stuff you have to do like school runs, food shop and general life stuff means there is a lot of expectation on you to wear actual clothes.


Wearing a kaftan in the evening? Tick.

2. Cooking. One of the many brilliant things about an all inclusive holiday like Club Letoonia, is the fact that you don’t have to cook. Not a thing. Your kids can eat as many beige foods as they like. Pasta. Rice. Chips. And you won’t have had to do one millisecond of cooking to get it on the table. But when you get home your kids look at your expectantly and you’re like, ‘WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT ME FOR?’ and they’re like, ‘WE’RE HUNGRY, MUMMY!’ You search frantically. But there isn’t so much as a buffet cart in sight. Sad times.

3. Lack of wine carafes. As soon as we entered any of the restaurants in Club Letoonia, we were offered a carafe of wine. A carafe! Daddy Pig and I would get one each (and sometimes a glass haha) and that was us done. Because it’s a well known fact (that I totally just made up) that you can drink as much wine as you like if it comes in a carafe. Because carafes are dead posh, don’t you know.


Happiness is a carafe of rose…

4. Paying for stuff. Why do people keep asking me to pay for stuff? I went into Costa yesterday to get a flat white and they asked me for £2.50. The cheek of it. Yes, it’s a shock coming back from the all inclusive paradise of Club Letoonia to a land where money changes hands.

5. Childcare. Six days back, a postponed school start for one and no nursery for another and I am EXHAUSTED. I realise now just how much childcare we had at Club Letoonia. What with the mini-club, the fact that our girls were so familiar with the resort they could just roam at their leisure and the boy’s own adoring fan club who would take him at a moment’s notice. Today, I almost left them on the heath and said, ‘Just nipping to get a coffee,’ before I remembered where I was. Eek.

6. The view. When I look out of my window at home I can see grass and cars. This was my view at Club Letoonia. Enough said.


Sadly, this is NOT my current view.

7. Maxim’s daily sea gym class. I am actually having complete withdrawal symptoms from Maxim’s daily, kick-a*** sea gym class. I haven’t so much as managed a run since being back. And every day, I watch my bingo wings slowly reappear and I shed a little tear that arm definition will not be mine again until we return next year.


The wonder that is Maxim.

8. Showtime. OK, I have to admit it has been quite reassuring coming back to see The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. But it isn’t a patch on the wonderful shows we got to see every single night. With gin.


‘The Crazy Family’ show was phenomenal.

9. Christmas. It’s September. We’re back at school. Which means only one thing for the Chiefs of Consumerism. Countdown to Christmas! We were on the plane home when the air stewardess suggested we might like to use the inflight duty free as an opportunity to start our Christmas shopping. I had a few alternative suggestions for her…

10. Our Letoonia family. I miss these guys most of all. Our boat boys. The lovely mini-club girls. Ceren, the photographer, and her husband. Sarah and her team in Guest Relations. Fifi and the animation team. Maxim. Senna, Serra and her mum and dad, who the boy called, ‘Grandad.’ I miss the way everyone embraced our kids and loved them as though they were their own. I especially missed them the other day when we were at our local library and the grumpy librarian got all mardy and health and safety on me when the boy wandered off to investigate the fan. In Turkey they would have swept him up and cuddled him and only cared that he was safe.


Just some of our Letoonia family.

We miss you, Letoonia. More than you know.


Godivy’s face when we left Letoonia.

For the first time, Club Letoonia kindly hosted our family this summer. It was our third visit to this wonderful resort, which just keeps getting better and better. You can book an all inclusive package through Thomas Cook or First Choice or book flights separately and all inclusive accommodation directly with the resort. Mustafa in Reservations is very helpful. Easyjet, Thomas Cook Airlines and BA all fly to Dalaman from major UK airports. As I type, I am currently working out the logistics of returning for October half-term. I just don’t think I can wait another year. All opinions my own.

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