A skincare range that embraces time

In the summer, the oh so lovely Jane Scrivner sent me a box of her beautiful skincare range. I’ve been using the range for three months now and my skin is transformed. From dull and grey in tone, prone to blemishes with the beginnings of some very definite lines to plump, smooth and a glow that’s there, even if I don’t wear a scrap of make up.

Pure and simple.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Jane at dinner, once. She is warm and approachable and the ultimate entrepreneur, building this amazing brand after 24 years in the skincare industry. She prides herself on using raw materials and ingredients that are pure, natural, preferably organic and, most importantly, that work.

Jane isn’t about trying to look decades younger than you are or denying your age (she’s actually told me to embrace approaching 40. Eek.) She’s about taking care of your skin inside and out so it looks as good as it can look. This is why every product comes with the lovely touch of her Skin Nutrition Tips, highlighting the things that damage our skin, which we should mostly avoid. Caffeine. Alcohol. Sugar. (Sorry.)

The essential oils in her products are the best she can find. And they’re the best you’ll ever use on your skin.

My daily skincare routine.

I’ve been using the Nourishing cleanser twice a day. It’s so amazing in fragrance and feel, you’ll want to eat it. A combination of balancing, elastin and collagen promoting Organic Jojoba Oil, with beeswax and nine ‘skin loving’ essential oils. I use this morning and night, applying it to dry skin and washing it off with a flannel. Occasionally, if I feel my skin needs it, I apply another thin layer at night and sleep with it on as a beauty balm. I credit this cleanser alone with improving my skin and tackling those annoying blemishes that we surely should not still be getting in our 30s. Because, for the first time ever, I feel that my skin is actually clean after I’ve used it. And yes, it does remove every trace of make-up, even mascara.

In the morning, I follow this with Jane’s Skin Elixir Daily Facial Moisturiser, a combination of organic Jojoba Oil and essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Eucalptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Lavender, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange, which balance out any skin type. Clever, eh? Like all of Jane’s products, it smells absolutely heavenly. One pump warmed between your fingers and patted into clean, dry skin is all that you need.

At night I use the Affirmative Firming, Toning Facial Oil, which if I was only allowed to use ONE product in the whole world on any part of my body, THIS would be it. (I’d also be putting up a good fight for the Nourishing cleanser.) This is a ‘skin superfood’ concoction blended with seven core oils; apricot kernel, jojoba, moringa, red raspberry, acai, pomegranate and sea buckthorn. It feels slightly thicker than the Skin Elixir and I love this indulgent feeling at nighttime. I can see the difference the moment I’ve put this on. Literally. My skin is plumper, firmer and looks instantly younger. I sound like an advert, I know, but it’s true. There’s no other way I can say it.

Jane’s oils never make your skin feel oily. She is very focused on this and says that you should always use a small amount. The look is radiant, not oil-slick, so you really don’t need much, which also means Jane’s products go a long way giving you quality and value. Regardless of which oil I’ve used, I always finish off with Jane’s brand new ‘OO’ Cream (Over Oil), a unique combination of collagen stimulating oatmeal, calming & protective argan oil, cooling aloe gel and vitamin E for enhanced protection. It moisturises and seals in all the goodness of those amazing oils and feels completely luxurious. And I’m convinced it has sort of blemish healing power because the next morning my skin is so much clearer.

Time for you.

Jane’s skincare range is so luxurious it makes you want to be almost ceremonious about using it. That’s the sort of products they are. I actually enjoy applying them and get into bed to put on the oil and OO cream so I can really relish the moment and breathe. Often, as a busy mum of three, it’s the first moment I’ve had to myself all day. To think about myself. To do something for myself. To just be in the moment.

And that is what I love about Jane’s products, most of all.

Embracing time.

Jane kindly sent me these products to review, having already previously sampled and loved the cleanser. This is not an affiliate link nor do I make any money from sales of this product. All opinions are, as always, my own and I simply like to share new products with you, that I think rock!

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