‘Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!’

Last week, Beaver turned seven. All hail the Seven-Teen! Following our first, brilliant session at Jump Giants Lakeside (where I lost my pelvic floor forever), the lovely staff kindly offered to host a birthday party for Beaver and nine of her friends. BEST. PARTY. EVER.

House of Pain? Not this time.

Last year we hosted Beaver’s birthday at home. 15 girls. ARGGHHHHH!

Actually, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but, let’s face it, if someone offers to do the WHOLE thing for you – entertainment, childcare, food – you’re hardly going to say no, are you? So we didn’t say no. We said yes.

And WOW, do Jump Giants KNOW how to throw a party.

(Way more than me.)

Seven year old girls are LOUD.


Kids as far as the eye can see

Me and another mum transported all 10 kids between us.

This is where I’m SO glad I have a seven-seater car (sense the sarcasm?). Because driving through the busy Dartford tunnel on a Friday afternoon with six girls singing Sia’s Cheap Thrills?

Well. It was a thrill.

The Legend of Darren.



As soon as we arrived, Darren, our amazing party host took over.

He took their school bags. He sorted their trampolining socks. He made them listen.

And for the next two hours he escorted them around the trampoline park, organised relay races AND then he gave them dinner. Whilst we drank coffee.

Did I mention that Darren is coming to live with us?

Jump Giants know how to party.

I’ve hosted many parties during my seven years of motherhood and I can honestly say this was the best organised. Jump Giants have got the party formula just right.

Firstly, the staff are AMAZING. They’re happy, fun and actually look like they love their jobs (I think they really do). They make you feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside and when you leave, you sort of wish you didn’t have to or that you could at least go for a beer with them. Nothing was too much effort for Darren or any of the other staff.


The Happy Birthday Podium

The park is immense – main arena, foam pit, dodgeball court, basketball court – if your child has never been to a trampoline park, where basically it’s floor to wall trampolines, the first time they see it is MAGICAL. Get that on camera. The music is pumping (I reckon I’ve got another two years before Beaver cringes at me for using words like that, maybe less). AND they get your child to stand on the podium whilst the WHOLE park sings Happy Birthday to them. I nearly cried at that point (in my defence, I was a little hungover from the night before). The party dinner takes place in a separate room (of which they have many) and when Dominoes pizza turned up, that sealed the deal. Not a slice was left. What’s more, there were no sad looking carrots and cucumbers left wilting on a plate, served out of mum guilt.

No, THIS was a party and that’s what we did.

I’m thinking of having mine there next year. With gin. Obviously.

IMG_3158A huge thanks to Darren and the rest of the crew at Jump Giants for having us. It was blooming awesome. If you want to book your own party, it’s amazing value at £19.00 a head, including your bounce, the legend that is Darren (or another brilliant Jump Giants host), pizza party tea, socks and a birthday t-shirt for the birthday girl/boy (Beaver is still wearing hers a week on and I have a feeling she might use it to live in a perpetual birthday universe and keep it on until she turns eight. Argghhh!). All opinions my own.

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