The Night Garden’s where it’s at

If you’ve ever wanted to know what happens to people once they become parents (or you want a preview before you get started), I can fully recommend going to a performance of In The Night Garden Live. Where parents go, erm, bonkers.

Justin Bieber eat your heart out.

I’m not kidding.

I took my 23 month old and four year old last Thursday. On opening day. The equivalent prestige of going on opening night, except it’s daytime. And you’re seeing Iggle Piggle, not Justin Bieber. And there aren’t any paparazzi waiting to take shots of you. Because you’re nobody. And your 23 month old is having issues and your four year old has dressed herself. Again.image2 (11)

image1 (24)

But after 30 seconds, you could be mistaken for thinking you are. At a Justin Bieber concert that is. Because, at the sight of Iggle Piggle sailing merrily along in his little boat the audience went WILD. And I don’t just mean the kids.

There were points where I wondered if people were going to start waving lighters.


It’s a magical performance, it really is. From the music to the projected images that make you feel you’re IN the night garden to THAT narration. It’s impeccably done and it’s captivating.

image3 (6) My 23 month old prefers to spend his time finding new ways to kill himself and even he sat mesmerised. Waving at life sized Makka Pakka. Saying ‘bye bye’ to Iggle Piggle. Clapping madly when everyone else did.

It was pretty heart-warming.

A tale for our times.

Because there probably isn’t a parent in the land who hasn’t got through bedtime with the help of Iggle Piggle. Who hasn’t identified those closing titles with the promise of being one step closer to that well earned glass of wine.

So go and see it. Just don’t forget your lighter.

Or your autograph book.

13245497_1339878782705743_8290493296020555075_nThere are various dates and venues available. You can get a £5 discount using this coupon on ANY performance and venue if you book by the 19th June. Personally, I wouldn’t pay for premium tickets (which entitle you to sit in the first five front rows). I’d just get there 15 minutes early and bag one of the first rows beyond that. (Of course, the chances of me getting anywhere early are ambitious so I should definitely have gone for premium but anyway…). All rows have good views so you won’t be disappointed. More posts over on the FB page and you can also follow me on Instagram.

Thank you to In The Night Garden Live for our tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

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