Pack it in a Pacapod Mirano

By Amy Ransom on September 10, 2014 , 4 Comments

New baby?  Old baby?  ‘Need’ a new changing bag?  Of course you do. And I have just the one… the PACAPOD MIRANO, Mary Poppins of changing bags.

Bags are my thing.

I have been known to scour the streets in search of them.  Paris for the Balenciaga.  Every department store in the UK for the Mulberry Roxanne.  New York for the Marc Jacobs.


Naturally, when I started having babies, these much loved bags had to take a back seat.  I had to find something practical.  A word that, before babies, just didn’t feature on the list of criteria for purchasing a new bag, right?  And I discovered the Storksak Elizabeth, which has seen me through two babies.  But when baby no. 3 came in July, it felt like time to get a new one.

Any old excuse, said Daddy Pig.

(Did I mention, I love bags?)

So when Pacapod offered to send me their Mirano changing bag in mocha I was like, ‘YES PLEASE!’  Mainly because I’d already been coveting it since spotting it on a friend.  It’s one of those bags that once you see it, you keep thinking about it.  Until you get it.

And I’ve not been disappointed.  Two weeks with the Mirano and we are officially an item (sorry Storksak, but we had a good run.  It isn’t you.  It’s me).

Pacapod have thought of everything with this bag, whilst amazingly keeping it at a very reasonable £99.00.

So.  What do I love about it?

First and foremost, it looks nice.  The most important thing about choosing a bag, surely.  It’s cotton coated canvas with leather trims make it a stylish choice and it’s available in a sedate mocha or navy, if you’re not into loud prints.

And it has lots of lovely touches, like the cute symbols that tell you what each feature is for.


Secondly, it IS practical and hardwearing.  It has a wipe clean finish, which I can already testify to after Godivy had a suncream incident a little too near it on the first day that it arrived.

Let’s say no more on the subject, she’s still on the naughty step.

Use it how YOU like.

It’s on the larger size of changing bags but this suits me.  I’m always drawn to the fuller figured bag plus why get a changing bag that doesn’t fit in everything you need?  I use it on its own with the shoulder strap or proper sized handles that actually fit over your shoulder.  Or if I’m taking the buggy, I’ll attach it to the handle (with the very nifty buggy clips) and use it with a small cross body bag.  Two bags?  I have a problem, I know.

IMG_4966IMG_4969IMG_4971image (23)

And this is what’s so great about the Pacapod Mirano.  You can use it how you like.  It’s flexible.  Which is what EVERY mother needs (as well as a full time nanny and wine on a drip but hey, let’s aim for things within our reach, shall we?).

It comes with the feeding and changing pods, which keep everything in their rightful place. Hurrah!  No more searching for those wipes or nappies amongst a sea of stale crumbs.  You can use the bag independently of the pods too, which is great if you don’t need the feeding pod yet.  Or if, one day, you fancy less structure and organisation to your bag.  Or if Daddy’s doing the childcare and doesn’t want to be seen with a ‘manbag’ (having said this, Daddy Pig actually likes the Mirano for its slightly utilitarian appeal.  In fact, it’s the first bag I’ve had that he hasn’t moaned about carrying).

Pacapod call it their ‘Mary Poppins’ bag.  And I have to agree.


I should say so.

I was sent this item for review but all thoughts are my very own.  If you’d like to find out more about the Pacapod Mirano (including the small print like dimensions and stuff) or just want to order one immediately click here.  Better still send the link to your other half and get them to buy it for you.  After all, they’re going to spend just as much time carrying it (for you), right?

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